Sacred Circle Study Group: Overview


The purpose of this group is to study Sacred Circle Tarot cards.
Over the next 78 weeks, we will study one card a week.
T. and I both drew cards from the Sacred Circle to see if we should start with Major or Minor. I, like T., have drawn a minor. So, Minor is where we shall start. First card being the Ace of Swords to the King of Swords we then will move onto Wands, Cups, and lastly Discs.
I believe we should concentrate on background, foreground, meaning of card to ones self, elements the cards pertain to.
(if I left anything out let me know)
Each Sunday we shall start a new card. However, if for any reason we get an overwhelming response we can do two cards a week. One being on Sunday with the next on Thursday.

Once we have gone through the minors we shall review in the way of grouping like cards. Like pictures, scenes, or expressions.
Then we shall start with the Major Arcana.

Looking forward to Sunday March 7th!!
See you there.

Red Emma

Sacred Circle

Sounds good to me. I dug my deck out the other day and I'm ready to go!


counting down the days till the 7th! and really looking forward to studying this deck with others! :D


I am ready to do sunday the 7th it is. the plan seems good to me I like the idea of doing minnors first specaily sword as I usualy end up doing them last. And I feel one a week is fine for now see how we go


Well done Nitegoddess:D....
sounds excellent to me, can't wait..(actually I drew the Ace of Swords yesterday for my daily
There is a great number of you guys up for this, which is incredible, glad we got this up and running:)....
Red Emma....great to see you in here too!

Ah!...Um!...Sunday???.......Is that YOUR Sunday Nitegoddess???
That would be MY Monday, but that's all good!;)

edited to add


Red Emma

Nitegoddess said:
First card being the Ace of Swords to the King of Swords

I don't know what "Ace of Swords to the King of Swords" means. Help, please?


Sorry Kazz,
I will probably start the post here on Saturday night my time. EST
Glad there is a big turn out. If there is anything that I missed that we should be studying please jump in.


Re: Re: Sacred Circle Study Group: Overview

Red Emma said:
I don't know what "Ace of Swords to the King of Swords" means. Help, please?

I think she means we'll be going through the Swords first....Ace, then 2, then 3, then 4 all the way up to King.

Nite, Sunday is a perfect day for me, since that's the only day I have off in the week. :) I can truly study the card in depth. :)



T~ is there anything that I missed?
Yes, that is what I meant .. We will start with the Ace of Swords, then the two of swords and so on until we get to the King of Swords. At which point we will go on to another suit starting with the Ace.
Does that make sense??


I think that's it Nite, don't forget to put that its the SC deck in the Swords thread. :)