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The card shows two swords an opposition, one moving upward, while the other moves downward. They appear to be in equilibrium, if only for a short while, as the laws of gravity require that one compete its upward arc, and the other its downward descent to its inevitable conclusion. To my mind, the descent is not 'fate,' cause I think our choices are not predetermined.

No matter, we encounter these swords at that moment of equilibrium, where space and time are suspended, where the swords are stymied, unable to move in any direction.

This is an especial card pour moi, because I have been in this unenviable position so many times. As a matter of fact, I am unable to move right now! Luckily I am at the 'puter, have books, tarot, a bottle of wine, and internet tarot friends around me.

Are the forces of the universe so set against us that we are denied the right to make choices, to move or navigate through the void? I don't think so. 'The fault is not in our stars, Horatio, but in ourselves.'

For me, the issue of the 2 swords is, move. Which is very difficult sometimes. Is it difficult to move, to make a decision, because you will have to do something?, and the fear of moving is so deep that you want to do nothing?, so you sit.

How horrible. You are stuck. This isn't about being stuck between a rock and a hard spot. This is about being stuck, period. Inability to move, fear of moving, not wanting to move, etc.

The world hs to move, our lives have an imperative to move. We cannot remain in this very unnatural position for long. It's kind of like the rubber band being pulled further and further and further out, until it snaps. An equilibrium musb be reestablished.

Will the universe establish what the equilibrium will be, or will I, or you.



Sacred Circle :: 2 of Swords

Silverkitten said:
I'm taking a tarot class and was wondering if I can ask a question here. I'm using the Sacred Circle Tarot. It is regarding the Two of Swords. Blessings, Donna
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2 of swords

2 of swords means for me: You CAN move, but not forward. Or you run against walls.


Two of Swords

When I look at this card, I see an inner conflict. One wants to move forward; however, the inner turmoil hinders that.