Santeria – Oriaté [Knight of Pentacles]


An oriaté is shown pulling a sword out of the head of Eleggua, orisha of doorways. This is an allusion to the legend of King Arthur, where Arthur had to pull the sword Excalibur out of the stone in order to prove himself worthy to be king.

This card indicates worthiness, strength, qualification.

The card is in very soothing colors. There is significant yet steady movement in the background; spirits moving around oriaté?

Oriaté are diviners of the orisha. They are santeros or santeras who have received Ife (the religion from which Santeria originated) and are qualified in divination. This definition of oriaté was taken from Creole Religions of the Caribbean: An Introduction from Voudou and Santeria by Margarite Fermandez Olma and Lizabeth Poravisini-Gebert (2003):

“Master of dilogun, deemed worthy of highest respect, an individual to whom the hierarchs of Santeria submit themselves, particularly in any matter related to the deciphering of some mystery or sortilege. An oba oriaté is a santero with expertise in divination.”

The orisha of prophecy, wisdom, and all-knowledge are called orunmila.


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