Saving Aeclectic Space


Hello Aeclectic Community,

The following ideas were mentioned in the 'Chat' section of the Aeclectic Forum (about to be removed) and I thought they should be mentioned here too - especially for those that don't go "below the line".

Tips For Saving Aeclectic Space
1. Keep your signature to a minimum of one line (or even dissable your signature).
2. Remove photos from your profile.
3. Don't use too many direct quotes.

Instead you could use "Meewah's Layout" eg. tarotbear: Thanks for coming up with this space saving idea.
pollux: That was a good idea about calling it "Meewah's Layout".

These are just suggestions and you can take them or leave them. Just remember, as Tarotbear said: The less space we waste, the more space we have to use.

I am sure when the forums have a more secure home we will be able to go back to our extravigant ways... :p


I dont go into the chat area of the forum so i might be way of course here but if you are looking for ways to save space generally why dont we delete the trading posts that have successfully been completed?

Also some of the new member introductions that are ages old could go?



(Sorry Kayne, I pushed the wrong button and didn't figure out)
Solandia has been considering the idea - also related to old posts in every section. All the same, the upgrade is required.
And... the space of trading posts wouldn't solve the problem, don't you think? :)
We have had a bit of talking about this in the Chat and Bug section :)


Sorry i hadnt really thought about it much, they were just ideas that jumped into my mind as soon as i read the original post.



Hey all,
I think the idea of cleaning out old posts (new members, for example, after a certain time, like 60 days; trades that are closed, etc.)
Also, faunabay & I were talking about this (in the real world): There seems to be a lot of posts, mostly from "newbies," that ask essentially the same questions, like "how do I pick out my first deck?" "How do I care for/clean my deck?" etc.
What about making a FAQ page, and have it as the first page you go to, and from there link to Thirteen's beginning posts and to the forums & stuff. This would eliminate a lot of the redundant posts we get.
Just an idea,


I don't mean to be rude so *please* don't take this the wrong way... but you have done exactly the opposite of what I meant when I suggested not quoting too much... glamourbug just said that - do we need to have it written again?

Please don't take this the wrong way, I am just adding this in case you were not sure what I meant. I really did appreciate your suggestion about "Meewah's Layout".

(If you take offence I will modify this post)


I've emailed Solandia about that beginners page and she's considering it.