Saving the Swastika?


I remember reading Hitler's biography by John Toland that the swastika was actually seen or found in one of the gates of a seminary or monastery Somewhere in Austria when Hitler was a little boy. It was inferred that he may have seen it first there although when the Nazis used it, I think they changed its direction.

It may perhaps still be redeemed provided it becomes dissociated with the nazis. Actually it's quite an interesting symbol. It is just sad that its image was dishonored.


in some areas of the world the Swastika is still all around. Countries with many Hindu people still use it as a religious symbol and it doesn't seem to have the negative connotation that I have seen. You see it all over and it has four dots in the spaces between the lines.

But I think in the Western World its very hard to ever redeem. it has such a negative image. I have it on some pagan things and rune stone sets. It was a good symbol of protection. In Germany and Austria its still illegal to display that symbol unless its for a religious context.

On a related note a Comedian in the UK did a tour with a "Hitler moustache" (toothbrush moustache), at one time it was extremely popular fashion wear. The latest trend! He decided I think that it also could never be reclaimed and its negative connotation had changed the way it would be viewed forever :(


this wiki article's pretty interesting...

don't think it can come back unless it is within the traditions of the various
religions the article talks about...Nazi corruption of it was too strong...