Scary experience - whispers in bedroom


Hi all, I had a scary, unexpected experience last night I'd appreciate any help with.

I'm visiting my aunt (my mom's sister) and her son, an 11-yr old boy, who's absolutely the sweetest kid but he's reluctant to sleep in his bedroom.

Last night, I went to the toilet in the middle of the night and when I passed my nephew's bedroom, I heard sort of malicious whispering coming out of the room. He was asleep and it sounded like Slytherin in Harry Potter. I got quite scared, hurried back into my room and tried to quickly pray for his protection.

The thing is, I've never experienced anything like this before, nor I have truly believed in ghosts etc. before. I'm not really religious and I don't know what to do. Should I cast a spell and if yes, how and what? His parents don't believe in spirits etc. so I can't raise this with them.

Any help is appreciated!


Have you asked him why he's afraid to sleep in his bedroom? His parents may not believe, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't (although he may be afraid that you don't believe, at first). I suspect that if he knows that you're casting a spell for his protection that, if he believes in it, his belief will make the spell even stronger.

Spells for me involve putting some essential oils in a spray bottle and spraying them around. If you work with crystals you might want to give him one that you (both?) find to be protective to keep in his room. It needn't be complex.


Hmmm. It's really hard to say what it was that you heard but I would do a room clearing/blessing. There are many different ways to do it. Just google it and see what comes up....if anything *feels* right to you.


I too think that speaking with a boy will help. First of all he won't feel so alone and second you may find helpful hints about what you are dealing with here.


I've been "sniffing around" the room and can't sense anything wrong. I've never cast a spell before, I don't have crystals nor essential oils. So, I simply prayed in the room for protection to the boy/the family, and I visualised a protective bubble of light around the room, snd expanded it to cover the whole house.

I'm staying here until Wednesday so I'll have a bit of time to see if everything seems fine. I don't want to scare my nephew so I haven't spoken with him. He doesn't have a clear reason not to like his bedroom; but he prefers to be surrounded by his parents when he sleeps.

I wonder if I "overheard" a nightmare? (I mean I somehow telepathically tuned in?)


In this culture people don't believe in spirits, ghosts, poltergeist etc. and if I spoke about my observation even to the boy himself, he'd think I'm losing it and that would probably make him more scared :/


Here's to hoping there's a practical answer - he might have literally been talking in his sleep during a nightmare, or, even a dream *about* Harry Potter. Really. Or in his sleep he was imitating a movie or game, and it was a monster or something scary.

Edited to add: not downplaying the potential spiritual side, of course.


In this culture people don't believe in spirits, ghosts, poltergeist etc. and if I spoke about my observation even to the boy himself, he'd think I'm losing it and that would probably make him more scared :/
You could ask him if he had a nightmare last night because you thought you heard him talking in his sleep when you went to the loo. If he chooses he can take it from there.


I guess I should have asked the next morning, now it's s bit late.

Sephirot, I considered that but it was not his voice. It was much older and sort of two or more voices blurred together. I seriously hope I just heard a completely natural sound, say, hissing of pipes etc. and in my semi-dreamy state imagined it was whispers...


If you've never cast a spell before then I wouldn't start now with something as potentially serious as this, you may cause more harm than good.

You could try clearing the room by burning frankincense or sage in there and by ringing a bell but doing that would mean that the parents and the kid himself would notice.

Do you meditate or do any visualisation work? If you do you could visualise him surrounded by a bubble of white or gold protective light and state very clearly in your visualisation that you want no negativity to pass through the bubble and reach him.. Blue light is good too.