Scrying with Crystals


I seem to remember this coming up before, but it was a while back..
I picked up a 50mm crystal ball at a M/B/S fair last week, since it interests me, and even if i don;t have the knack, its still a sext beast of a paperweight...;)

Does anyone have any advice/reccommended reading on scrying?...

I tried the 'fall into it', technique, but thats not enough to go on, and i can't remember the rest of Jade's post from that long ago...



Scrying with water


I tried scrying before with my crystal ball but it was too small. I could see things in it but it was not clear.

You can do the same with a glass of water!
Just look into the glass of water but don't try too hard otherwise your mind gets in the way but it was fun when I did it.
.......It will take some time, but I'm sure you will get something.



Darnit, i wasted £9.99!


Thanks Funky...I'll try that with water and crystal..:)


you can use many different things, but i prefer crystals :)

what did ya want to know?



haven't checked that other thread yet, but unless a lot of people have posted in the last few minutes, thanks for boosting that one up the list!...

In answer to your question....EVERYTHING...starting with how, but after your beloved daughter has recovered...:)


Try using other elements to boost the magickal quality of the ball. Try surrounding the ball with lit white candles - the flickering reflections may trigger your subconscious. Also try reading in the ball in the light of a full moon (same principle). Hope these ideas help!!



Ignore the title, it sounds like a shoddy book…however, it rocks.
Scrying for Beginners, by Donald Tyson.
Serious...good investment, provided you follow directions.