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Along with Malachite I am interested in reading more about Scrying.

This Summer when I was doing the rounds of Garage Sales I came upon 2 crystal/glass balls. They were on the grass under a table. How I came to find them is beyond me. The people doing the sale were also surprised and sold both to me for $5. I know this means something important. Did I find them or did they find me?
I recently purchased Ambrose Hawk's book, "Exploring Scyring." I haven't started it yet.
How do you tell a crystal from a glass ball? I've heard they serve equally well, so why the emphasis on crystal.
I have sea salt bathed both of them and put them in the sun for a day. Are there any other preparations I should be doing for cleansing?
When gazing do you perceive the past or present or both?

Thank you for another interesting topic for Astrology & Divination.



go into the archives and check out the topic that was already posted on this.

i think that the difference between the crystal and glass is preference.

cleansing.........i would do whatever you feel 'needs' to be done. and trust that process as being the correct one for you.

and then, scry, fall into the ball and let it show you what it has to tell. who knows what you will see, future perhaps, later today or perhaps a past's all there, just let it be.

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both of these topics have info for you!

i bumped the crystal ball one up for you from the archives.

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Got it Jade! Thank you.



this time the bmp is for shanini

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