scythe other meanings...share yours


Most common remember in my opinion is

But what else have you found it to mean in your practice of working with the lenormand?
Have heard it mean permanency
Also have found it to mean honesty/truth...they do say the truth hurts sometimes lol.

Anyone else found scythe to mean these things or found out other meanings?


pain, sudden, ending.

usually it cover all the meaning when it shows up...for me.

empress's dress

depends on surrounding cards and question.

positively paired with bouquet it can mean unexpected joy. or paired with heart, love at first sight. or with mice, a clean painless cut. with tower, it can mean the end of isolation or a whistleblower.

it can also mean you aren't supposed to know the answer yet. let things play out. like a curtain is down and yet to be lifted.

with mountain, a block is overcome.

it also often has meant nothing more than a little bump in the road. or the end of a chapter or routine (with a ring or anchor)... more often than not it has been benign. only yesterday did it seem like a total end for the first time i ever got it in a reading. but time be told in yesterday's reading it can also just end up meaning just a chapter is over.

so yes sudden i guess is operative except in relation to something yet to be revealed and with mountain overcoming a block. but the point is it is not always bad. and again it depends on the question.

honestly nothing is permanent. you never know how anything is going to play out. things change all the time. i think unless you are sure in your heart of hearts as a reader permanency is the true meaning in that reading (sometimes it appears to be in that it will last a long undefined amount of time), it not the best way to approach this card. permanency is a choice as long as we are one of the living.


I have the Scythe just above me in my current Grand Tableau :D
Well, I am cautious and was a bit frightened of course because the card just above could be heavy and out of control, but in my case actually this corresponds to some renovation works in my house (and indeed the House card isn't far away, the same for the Stork card).

Renovation works involves that you get rid of old things and use tools (and a few are sharp).

Village Witch

I read Scythe mostly as a severing, a permanent disconnection. At times, Scythe can also indicate a harvest, a reaping.


And, if it is beside the tree card, it can mean surgery (tree/scythe) or extraction, as in having a tooth pulled.


For me I find it often means sudden, sharp, brief (short term).

Something happens often without notice. Like its not always some dramatic event ha. I find the lenny's read incredibly literally for me.


I haven't read all the posts however, in my experience it really depends on what cards are around scythe and what spread....

Generally speaking I usually view the scythe as
*cutting through the bull***t
painful endings


Interesting thread!

Scythe has meant many of what have been shared above in my experience.

Impulsive comes to mind as well as non-negotiable.

Village Witch

Since my new job involves accounting/bookkeeping, I often draw the Scythe. It has come to indicate scrutinizing detail, being precise and exact.