Secrets of Lithomancy (stone or crystal divination)


No you can't, because then who would be our lovely little Ankou???

And I've been teaching my daughters how to read the "signs" ever since they were little! They know all kinds of things that most kids probably never get and this little set is going to be one of them!

I've explained how you have a rock or stone mean something special to you and that is called a let's see what my 6 yo does with this idea when we sit down with my set.

I did find the little piece of blue tiger eye that was lost, and I'm still hoping it will be my sorrow....we'll see.


Ankou~ your sortiledge set comming along well? :D

I remember way back trying to explain the whole idea of a dropstone method...and someone tossed the term at me...and I just thought. wonder I could never find anything about it on the internet! don't wanna be me when you grow up (I'm not grown up yet either!) You are a wonderful creative artist in your right!

bodhran~ That set you have is astounding!

I can just see the colors of all the stones working so well!
And I really like the idea of Plants and Animals stones!

The Flora and the Fauna! hmmm...I think I need to make a new set too!

And the idea of using the chakras...that is simply inspired! Why hadn't I thought of that? :D It's absolutely perfect!
A chakra set of stones might be very cool too!

Elf~ I have this weird feeling that your daughter is going to make up her own set very soon! Let us know what she thinks of the symbols and the stones when she begins to work with them! I bet ya she's a natural!


Can't wait till Samhain!

Chronata said:
One of the ways to do a sortiledge reading is just to collect stuff in a bag, and pull objects at random...and another is to use the drop stone method with or withot a spread pattern!

Can't wait until Samhain to create a set like this! Maybe we could go on a nature walk to collect some items... You guys really light my creative fire!

Hugs all around,


hee hee

This thread makes me happy!

Sortiledge (sp? grr...) set is set aside for the moment, unfourtunately.
I have a little Goddess demanding my attention and some pretty sticks told me they want to be rune staves and I just gave my newly finnished rune deck to someone who needed it, so I gots to make a new one, and the pendulum thread is jerking my need to make juices.... sigh....

But, since you mentioned it!!! :D I think I may depart from the original line up a bit like Bodhran has, it sounds like a wonderful and personal take on the oracle. And I can't wait to hear what Elf's little ones do... Kids are so much better at this stuff than I am :( ah well I'll get back to that pure knowledge state some day.

I'v got some great bones... One is the top of a leg bone and looks alot like a club... I can tell he's something special, but he isn't talking yet...

Love and Light,



This set of stones uses the aspects of the traditional planets, often used for talisman making.

I include my own keywords here, because they help me in distinguishing between what the “house” may represent…and what the stone itself represents.

I also include the personality/job of the stone…for those of us crazy people who like to think of objects as having personalities. These are from a great astrology book by Roy Alexander (published by Llewellyn) called Meet Your Planets. This book made astrology a lot easier for me.

And lastly, I give the talismanic properties of each stone…what other occupations, issues, and things they might represent.

SUN…Willpower, activity, authority, strength, vitality, self expression, assurance.

Keywords…To direct, take action, be strong, lead others

Sun’s job…King

Properties…nobility, leadership, banking, corporate bodies, Government offices,fame, public acclaim, health, the performing arts, entertainment, teaching, fatherhood, success

MOON…Instinct, inspiration, sensitivity, emotional, woman’s affairs, domesticity, fluidity

Keywords…To explore, find yourself ,be inspired, believe in your own power

Moon’s job….housekeeper/secretary

Properties…rhythms, fluctuations, creativity, fertility, motherhood, home and family, romance, idealism, purity, virginity, astral travel, mysteries, psychic, subconcious , voyages by water

MERCURY…intellect, activity, mental acumen, restlessness, versatility, trade, commerce, communication, healing

Keywords…To think, speak your mind, learn new things, travel the distance

Mercury’s job…Computer whiz kid

Properties…Curiosity, wit, mimicry, invention, languages, public education, media, publishing, buisness contracts, technology, industry, merchandise, land or air travel, medicine and therapy

VENUS…Love, marriage, courtship, partnership, cooperation, harmony, growth, development, beauty, pleasure

Keywords…To Feel, trust others, love unconditionally, live in joy

Venus’ job…Temple dancer

Properties…affection, unity, business and personal partnerships, sexuality, attraction, adornment, fashion, the visual arts, public relations, society, leisure and recreation, dance and music, possessions, income

MARS…drive, determination, masculinity, decisiveness, impetuous actions, competition, confrontation

Keywords…To confront, be aggressive, fight to win, act courageous, take the risk

Mars’ job…Tennis champion

Properties…sports, armed forces, fire and police, courage, rivalry, surgery, metalwork, sharp tools and implements, engineering, surgery, craftsmanship, machinery, quick reactions, athletes, pioneering spirit

JUPITER…Morals, majesty, expansion, prosperity, benevolence, wisdom, dignity, friendships, philosophy, philanthropy

Keywords…To Know, understand the situation, speak from a higher source, judge fairly

Jupiter’s job…Favorite Uncle

Properties…moral values, religion, the clergy, dignitaries, large functions, social prestige, honor, legislature, financial speculation, higher education, long journeys, foreign travel, lawyers and courts, justice

SATURN…limitation, concentration, endurance, perserverence, old age, preservation, maturity, experience, destiny

Keywords…Prepare for the inevitable, make an end, trust in destiny

Saturn’s job…Old Math teacher

Properties…Time, karma, tenacity, commitment, institutions, social welfare, public buildings, administrators, real estate, antiques, archeology, land, agriculture, economy, structure

On top of all these stones…I usually have a light stone and a dark stone…the light is just representing everything positive, and the dark…everything negative.

You don’t have to use every meaning listed here…but this gives you an idea of what is possible!


I spent about 1½ hours in a shop today picking out 14 stones for my Lithomancy set. I used Chronatas original setup but forgot all about the male and female stones so I'll have to make another trip there for those.
See me smiling all the way.. *s*

Now, the bagmaking.. And then, ideas for the spreadcloth.


Wondering about updates...

Anyone out there using their stones?

I saw that Eco finished her bag! (yay!)

And I was curious if anyone has any insights to share...any readings done, or any practice with your own sets?

Still want to see pictures! :D

As for myself, I have been putting together another little drop stone sortilege set...but I still have not figured out the particulars yet!

Recently, I have making many trips to the beach...and have been coming home with my shoes full of shells, beautiful little stones, and beach glass!

Since shells remind me of the watery emotions...I thought it might be cool to come up with a set that focuses on the emotions.
Nothing has quite come together yet...but I will post ideas as I go!

Aura Wolf

Hey Chronata, I haven't been posting but I followed this thread with much interest and put together a set like the one you suggested, and made a cloth with houses for it. I will try to post pictures soon but right now I'm soooo tired... :D Hope everyone's enjoying this, to be honest I haven't had the chance to use mine yet!

Aura Wolf

Okay I uploaded a couple pics :D

Sorry, I tried to take more but the lighting is bad in here so this was the best I could do. The pics don't do the stones justice...


The first picture is my spread cloth with houses, I chose the pentacle just like yours Chronata, being pagan this was the most natural for me... I printed out a picture of a pentacle, cut it out, traced it onto fabric, then cut it out, and glued it onto a purple velvet cloth that I sewed around the edges...

And the second picture is of my set, all tumbled stones (very Jasper-heavy!), in their houses on the spread cloth. I used the same stones that are in Chronata's original set (the seasons, the elements, and the pairs, etc.) but I added an extra stone for Spirit--I just couldn't see using the elements (especially with the pentacle) and not adding the fifth element! Just didn't feel right to me without it.

So, let's the center of the pentagram we have the Center (Chrysocolla). The picture doesn't do it justice, it literally looks like the Earth and is just beautiful. In the points we have (clockwise, starting from top) Spirit (Selenite--just glows), Water (Lapis Lazuli), Fire (Red Tiger's Eye), Earth (Picture Jasper) and Air (Serpentine). And in the spaces just outside the star we have (left to right, starting from top left) Male (Picasso Jasper, has a red "eye" you can't see in the pic), Female (Pink Aventurine--sparkles!), left again, Sun (Citrine), Moon (Moonstone), and at the bottom Love (Pink Calcite, or Mangano--just lovely). And on the outside we have, at the top Joy (Blue Howlite, I LOVED this), at the bottom Sorrow (Sodalite), and at the other 4 points (left to right starting top left) we have Spring (Bloodstone), Autumn (Red Jasper, reminded me of leaves), then left again Winter (Picture Jasper, white shades this time) and Summer (Blue Lace Agate, very pretty).

Sorry you can't see some of them very well, but I can assure you they are all quite fitting and very beautiful :) I hope everyone else's sets are coming along nicely. I really want to use mine soon.


OH OH Starspirit!!!

Your set is awesome!

I really love the pentacle cloth and the bag you have...both are really, really nice!
(hmmm...looks better than mine! :) )

and the stones you have there are really lovely!

I especially like the selenite (looks almost like a cats eye in the picture!) What a great idea to have a spirit stone in there! (I use the Center as Spirit when I am doing element readings...) But I like your idea a lot!

All the tumbled jaspers are gorgeous! My set is pretty heavy on the agates...because I love all the layers and pictures and things you will add another dimension to intuitive readings for you!

I just love it! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
Let me know your experiences when you work with them too!

OK...lets see more, people!!! :D

This is so cool!