self-hypnosis resources online?


I've been wanting to try this on myself for some time now, out of curiosity, and maybe even to straighten a few kinks in my system. I tried googling for resources and the bulk of them seemed either too commercial or border on scamming.

Anyone know of any (resources)? Thanks.


Hello there. I have attended classes to learn self-hypnosis techniques about 15 years ago, for medical & emotional reasons. I was very fortunate - my GP referred me to the course, which I received free on the NHS! Many people were there for different reasons, from chronic pain-reduction to help with insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks & agoraphobia, fear of public speaking and to control (or at least reduce the frequency & severity of) epileptic seizures - without extra drugs. Also, to help with confidence-building, minimising ADHD, increasing ability to focus on a task and a huge variety of personal psychological issues.

My own motive, endorsed by my doctor, was to teach myself to relax & reduce my high blood-pressure (instead of relying on medication.)
If you Google "autogenic training" you'll find many sites. I have books on it, by the doctor mentioned on this site:

I have personally found the technique very effective & useful indeed - as did everyone on my course. We all found noticeable & striking results. :) It does require work though, and actually DOING the exercises 2ce daily ... there is no quick-fix magic wand that just makes everything ok! I find it heartening to discover that I have the capability (as we all do) to control our unfavourable reactions to the physical, mental & emotional problems we face and function more healthily & effectively. It is wonderful! I was so fortunate to receive the classes free.

Sadly, the teacher passed away, and there is nothing to take his place. :(
Best wishes in finding what you want. :)


Thank you so much for the link. It seems very helpful in many ways. The site itself has a lot of articles on a lot of other topics.


blue fusion, great question and I'm glad you posted this here for us all to learn. And, starshower, thank you for sharing what you know.

I think it is wonderful that your doctor is the one who pointed you to this procedure too! I find this a very interesting subject and want to explore more about it. So, once again, thank you for this thread and for your post too, starshower, sharing your knowledge and the link on it. :thumbsup: