Senior Project


in my english class we have to do this thing called a "senior project" in order to graduate. finding the info on tarot isn't that hard, it's figuring how to make my deck. i want to use my own black and white photography, but how would I take my pictures and make them into cards? is there some place i can take them and have them made up? what would be the easiest or at least the best looking way to turn my photo's into cards?


Major Tom

Gosh! Guess I could think of a few different ways to do it. Depends on how much effort or expense you want to go to.

You could take a pair of scissors to your photos and cut bits out to paste on index cards to build them. Then you could laminate the lot.

You could scan your photos into a computer and use something like PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro to turn them into the cards you want. Then print them out on card.

The easiest way might be to draw directly on your photos with permanent felt tip pen.

I'm sure there must be lots of different ways to do it. })


If you're talking about getting them 'made up' as a deck, look around at the different printers, once you have your images all done. Ask them if they can do digital scans for you, and they can reduce the images down to the right size by machine then print them out. Check a few places, the prices vary all over the place.

Best deal we found was the guy offered to do up each sheet as a scan in his digital print machine for $1 a page, with 8 of the same image on the page (that was how we went, but you could do 8 different images per page). Printing was pretty reasonable. Just ask--see what they say. Pick the one who wants to work with you.


Kinkos would work IF they have digital printing capability, not all of them do. A phone call would let you know. Actually it would be easiest to let your fingers do the walking & check your phone book under 'printers' and you'll find a bunch of them, I'm sure. Ask if they have digital capability or if they're using xerox exclusively.