Serious Group Work with the Fae


Fellow Fae-Lovers,

I've started the Fae Party Thread some time ago for various reasons. Firstly, because I wanted people to have an opportunity to work playfully with the Fae, engage in creativity and listen to their intuition.
Secondly, because daily Readings are nice, exchanges are nice, but they are usually all *planned*. It's a pattern to us and we often don't volunteer in exchanges because we feel we are 'full' or don't have the time.

The Party was a good fertile ground for joyful playing without too much responsibility and with loads of fun! :D

However, many people playing on the Party Grounds for around 2 months started to notice seriousness creeping in, in both the Fae that were drawn as well as a thirst to start working with more serious issues. Thinking that as a group activity, this didn't truly utilize all the skills of the various members.

So, now what?

I agree with many of the members that we could and maybe even should, work on some of the more serious issues that are around and see if we can pool our energy to create something very worthwhile.

I also think that instead of exchanges between 2 people, it would be nice to build some group energy.

The questions that remain are:
- Which Topics?
- How many people?
- What type of responsibilities a.k.a. how often do you post

Here are some things that I'd love to propose and I'm more then willing to open those threads, keep tabs on people and keep them moving. After all, the Fae Party is open for almost 3 months and it's still going rather strong thanks to people posting!

Idea 1: Healing Our Lives Group Work
For 2 weeks, we work with 1 Fae that is drawn, where each member in the Group states what type of Healing Work that Fae would do, actions, thoughts, activities etc. We all try to incorporate that type of Energy in our lives and we talk about the progress.

Posting at least on the day itself with thoughts/idea's/inspirations
Posting at least 3 times a week, preferably daily to talk about progress

Idea 2: Helping a Person Heal Group Work
For a week, we choose one person that is going to be our focus. The person can choose to say what he/she wants to heal or choose general focus. We pick Fae to give advice to that person and if people want to they can for example send Energy Healing. After a week, we switch to another person and so on.

A person who wants to be that weeks subject
Posting at least 3 times a week to help a person.
Preferably a fixed group, so everybody helps each other

Idea 3: Global Healing Group Work
Ongoing, we would each try to make our contributions to healing the world and basically nature... Trying to incorporate healing actions in our daily lives and giving each other advice on what we are all doing

None as far as I can see?

So, that were the first 3 idea's. I'm open to discussions and I hope to have the time soon to add in more idea's as my brain always fizzles with inspiration near the Fae!



I think this is a great idea. I will have more to add when I am not at work, and can get my mind into the ideas a little deeper. Overall though I think this is something that is where we are headed.

Guiding Cauldron

wow...just when i thought i couldnt.....

well youve done it again and i just spoke to jewel about this earlier today! i REALLY feel like the usual fae party was becoming a distraction and NOT focusing on my path lately. Which is a bit of a bummer for me as I like the fae and adore their guidance. BUT i really, despretly need to find use for the fae with a HEALING element because that is ultimately my lifes path, healing. And then tonight here i see your thread only made 30 mins ago with EXACTELY what i was feeling and looking for!!!((HUGS)) So if you wouldnt mind me involved or my inputs then i would love to give this study a try :) blessed be x



So glad to hear that synchronism has hit again! I would love to have you and your ideas in the group! :*



Guiding Cauldron


awww ty so much, i have no idea but i read your post to mine and i just started crying (a happy cry)!! its a good thing dont worry, and by teh way thank you SO much for the hug- I REALLY needed one :)


My Two Cents Worth:

Kahlie please feel free to ignore me but wouldn't guidance and focus be a better topic from the Fae? Healing is a very personal thing that most people have a hard time expressing. Either in the form of a question or feedback. I haven't worked much with them, mostly due to time on my part. However from what I have done they seem to have their own agendas. ;)

I love the idea of a study group that helps me understand and use this deck more. I have found that I have enjoyed working in groups of 3-5 people, where each can talk and give different ideas but not so long that it is hard to keep up with the thread. Which was what my problem was with the Fae party thread you started. Working the schedule that I do, I was always so far behind. :(


I would like to join if thats ok.

I really want to get to know the faeries much better than I already do and have recently started trying to spend a bit of time getting to know one faerie at a time. The only problem is I cant always commit my time. I come online almost every day but somedays are so busy especially lately that I cant always commit my time to focus the time I should. Would this be a problem? But this is something I would love to be part of.

I agree with Tabi though that sometimes threads move so fast its hard to keep up so maybe smaller groups might be better, but thats just an idea :)

Kahlie you're so good with the fae ideas! :D


Dear Tabi,

Thanks for your suggestion about Healing. Actually, this was the first batch of ideas. Healing was the foremost in my mind as I do a lot of Healing Work with myself and others.

I do feel the Fae are underrated in Healing Work, I myself don't use them nearly as much as I do other Oracle decks, but I keep on getting *very* healing Readings for others....

I also feel that Guidance & Focus is too broad... it won't allow people to work together as a group as then *everybody* gets different Guidance or Focus... and then it still won't be a group effort...

The Fae Party certainly moves fast... however, you can jump in whenever you want, although it does mean you might miss what others have said to each other... the same way when you are at a party, you sometimes miss what people on the other end of the hall were gossiping about!

I do however, seriously take your suggestion of a group of 3-5 people into consideration as that seems certainly a very smart idea and thank you for suggesting it!



Dear Geministar,

Thanks for the compliment. =)

I just think we should set a minimum requirement of how many times a week you should post. This, because else you will let your own group hanging as the group effort deteriorates because half the group is not participating! =)

Since you are online every day, and you don't always have to post Readings, I'm sure it can work out. Else, you have to find a group who wishes to go at it a bit more slowly... (Like 3 weeks instead of 2) and then wants lower participation during that time.

How's that for an idea? We have the "Fast" Groups, that go on the time schedule I mentioned, and the "Timely" Groups, who go on double time, so participation level is lower, but longer, for the same effect?



Ok, now for the next batch of ideas! My brain is still fizzling I think! Oy Oy.
I placed 3 ideas based on Healing, these idea's are based on different topics! =)

However, they can all fit within the idea scheme of:

2 weeks the whole Group works with 1 Fae
1 week the whole Group works for 1 Member with multiple Fae
Ongoing, discussion/Readings/advice

So I'm going to add in just topics with a small explanation and a different planning scheme if I think it's more advisable!

Everybody, still feel free to add in more topics that might be interesting for a group! Also, I might post a poll on which topics we want to play in and which we don't so I can see what is ok to host, and what is not.

Topic 2: Spiritual Growth
Although this might be also a bit broad, we all have our own path, and from my experience synchronism usually hits during this type of Readings. Otherwise, we could add in some exercises...

Topic 3: Psychic Development
Specific exercises would be advised and I have quite a bit of ideas for this. For example: Meditation with the Fae, Otherworld Wandering, Seeing with the Fae, Intuition and the Fae etc.

Topic 4: Shadow Work/Integration
Fae are always good for those of us who are unaware we are wearing masks, and this would be an interesting topic to explore I think. Exercises would include: "Repressed Parts, Integrating Parts, Hidden Facets" etc.

Topic 5: The Laume Group
Most people seem to have problems with Love, Giving/Receiving and balancing our own needs and other people's needs. I'm thinking it might be worthwhile to discuss and work with "The Laume" :)

Topic 6: Creativity
I don't have to say much about this... everybody is creative and for some it goes easier then for others... It might be beneficial to see if Master Maker, but also other Fae would help in putting ourselves on course!

Alright, I won't tell anybody how long I've been sitting on these ideas! I'm off now! And yes, I got more... but it's breakfast for me now!