Sermones de Ludo Cum Aliis


First draft translation of the sermon into English is now available here:

Note on translation: to describe my knowledge of latin as very poor would be a gross exagerration of my actual ability. The translation here was initially produced with the computor based translation software quicklatin 1.2.9e by Roger Pearson and available at, the result was then cleaned up over many hours with reference to Collin's latin dictionary and grammar. I have also had reference to parts of the sermon that have been translated included the third section on triumps by Roger Tilley in 'Playing Cards' and Timothy Betts in his 'Tarot and the Millenium', and the Italian translation I have linked to at the bottom of the article. Also a segment that was translated into Italian by Vitalli and then into French and English by Alain Bougaerel.

The end result is obviously one for which I cannot promise any degree of accuracy, I offer it for the interest of general layperson interested in the general gist of the sermon with the hope but no guarantee that any errors do not significantly alter the intended meaning. The translation obviously is not suitable for academic reference.

Corrections or (be kind) comments from those with latin skills would be greatly appreciated. Anyone offering such input please be aware my intent is for a copyright free translation available in the public domain and any corrections or comments here I take as permission to use as such unless you specify otherwise.


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