Shadowscapes Study - Two of Pentacles


"A balancing act: juggling and keeping everything in motion, being flexible and adaptable and changing directions easily." -Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore

This image is of a horned man on the ball of one foot, on a platform balanced on smaller, very unstable stones. He is "juggling" two pentacles and maintain balance, of not only the pents but also of his self on the platform. Theres a monkey being kissed by a butterfly and a fairy dangling a bell from a red ribbon. There are red ribbons also tied to the man's right arm. He also has a red triangle on his chest and each foot. There are fairies all about, a lizard in the circle motif of the pinnacle, and a green bird/dragon perhaps adhered to the standing platform.

What is interesting is that the weight distribution seems more heavy on the right side, with the monkey and fairy sitting on that side, a hole carved out of the left side and a bird adhered to the right. That means the person must work extra hard perhaps to maintain this balance of his self.

The red triangles on his chest and feet are a little more puzzling and any insight on this would be very helpful. My guess is that he is imitating the shape of the pentacle itself. Its a red symbol, so I do feel like it is an important symbol to note.

The red ribbon on his right arm may mean that the person has to control and wield their masculine energy (right side more connected with masculinity) to keep things in balance. Being logistically adept or rational or logical can be helpful for the querent.

The horns resonants with the Emperor card, so again another call to own one's masculine energies.


this card makes me think of more pragmatic things: an accountant or even better a manager [after reading both the explanation Stephanie gave, and the meaning of the two of pentacles on this site: ]

this is no ordinary man - he has horns, and he is confident that whatever he does is right and that works, and he has 'high spirits' [you can even see them on the card above the pentacles] he'll be able to do it for a long time. being no ordinary man, he might be right.

the monkey is there to remind us that while we think we can be this being for a long time, any wrong move or sudden change can ruin it all. i see monkeys as unpredictable, not to be trusted and tricksters..

the triangles could mean he's passionate [as they could be a stylized flame], he has fire in his heart and this gives his feet a lot of power to perform this balancing act.