Shadowscapes Tarot - Ten of Wands


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Burdened with overwhelming responsibility, being held accountable, doing things the hard way.

There is a female figure wearing a brown long dress that seems to have roots. there is a seashell [the Fibonacci spiral] at her feet, behind her. while she is bent forward, her head is high and she seems to look forward. her face is either painted white or she wears a white mask.

not only there is this tree growing on her back including from her head, but she also seems to hold it with her hands - protecting it? making sure it doesn't fall over?
on top of this tree, there are various buildings and stairs. people figures are seen on the stairs and on a branch close to the female's face. from each building, new branches grow, all surrounded in bubbles of golden light.

the rock she stands on is dark colored, and the colors become lighter the higher the image gets. there is also a large blue round stained-window under one of the buildings.

she worked hard and her efforts paid off. however she doesn't stop working, because things depend on her to go smoothly.
surely, if she's not careful enough, everything will come crashing down.