Shapeshifter/Celtic Dragon card a day


Since both of these decks are by the same people, combining them is the best course of action.

Rules are pretty much the same, feel free to describe the card, talk about the animals and what their doing. Keep in mind that swords are fire and wands are air in these two decks among other variances with the standard.

Shapeshifter courts



Celtic Dragon

page of cups

A young girl, dressed in sea-green, is standing at the shore of the ocean orsea. At her feet, bare, are a collection of seashells that have swashed ashore. Peraps arranged to summon the dragon she is talking to. The dragon, whose attene are covered in moss, presents a scroll with the image of a golden cup. Another dragon, dark green, sits on the moss covered rocks awaiting the final aspect to this transaction.

budding awarness within the spririt of youth. Schooling and education, the scroll relates to a graduation degree. Alertness to what was once submerged results in new allies (the dragons) ready to move with you at a moments notice.


I Magician/celtic dragon

This magician is depicted as a woman. She is studying her book, she has in hand a wand with a dragon at the tip, her incense burner is a bust of a dragon, she has a chalice of dark fluid and a single white candle burning, illuminating the room she is in. The magician wears a white gown highlighted with rich green and metalic gold.

She is aware of the energies around her, half-formed dragons emerge from behind her, her full awareness not yet present, from here many things can happen.

Communication, travel, change, balance, and strong desires. Merucury, represented by the Magican, has gone direct today, new beginnings coming from a presentation of a final form.

Furthermore, a new month, a new school year, and a new day await. harnessing the inivisble forces of the dragons will provide old and new endevours with strength and vigor. This is an exciting time to be alive.


celtic-8sw / Shapeshifter-XIV Balance

The 8sw in the celtic dragon tarot intigrates the symbolsm of the RW standard, for the swords, but not the element. Let me explain. The RW Standard usually shows a bound woman surrounded by swords, she is usually blindfolded. The Celtic Dragon 8 swords shows a woman bound at the hands and waist, she is being boudn with what looks like plant roots, and she is not blindfolded. The swords, or rather the blades of the swords, are jutting downward from an arc through a window that she is, I guess, trying to escape from. An orange draong waits patiently for her to decide what to do. Another dragon is on the inside of the room. Its a very different interpretation for this card.

Balance, or temprence, of the Shapeshifter deck shows a family of dolpins,a nd afaimly of faces. The faces are human, and have red hair. The mother has daker hair than the children, while the sea floor for the dolphins is calm and serene.

This combination of cards indicates that any blocks and inhibitions are right there in front of me, and in some cases above me, and that through a balancing of my energies I wil survive the coming chaos.



The herald of this deck is a lynx-woman whom is lazily playing with her reflection in a pond as she streches her body on a tree limb. Faces are seen in the ater, a common feture of teh deck, the trees behind take a life of their won. This wetland area is a haven of animals, but beyond the trees is another world.

The greens of the trees and the deep blues of the water mix with a sunny/yellow-green shade the forrest canopy. Now is a time of transformation and change, Virgo is in full swing, and Hanged man/Shapeshifter is Pisces, currently neutralized with Uranus in Retrograde, new developments are inevitable.


Celtic Dragon/Knight of pentacles, knight of wands

two cards fell out, and they were both knights.

The knight of pentacles is awoman standing on a hill of standin gstones, a large orange dragon stands beside her during midday.

The knight of wands rides his dragon as he poitns his wand to the night sky, illuminated by a full moon. Ground and sky, earth and air (wands are air in this deck). Taurus and Aquarius. Both knights seem to be on a journey somewhere via the route that they know best. They are also both looking in opposite directions, indicating two paths to take. The dragons are very active in these two cards and look similar excep the one in the pentacle card does not have wings (none tha can be seen anyway).

A new adventure on the horizion perhaps?


Ace of water, the well

strong currents and powerful intutiion guide me today. Moving with the flow and not trying to get ahead of myself is the way to be, not demanding that my standards are the norm. however, my standards are still my standards and will stay that way.

The card shows three faces avoce the water, and are shapeshifting into waterfoul, the animals in the water, a whale and sea otters, have their human aspect as well. Seahorses and flounder are also present.

lots of animal life, perhaps somemthing to do with the ocean and pollutants will come up soon?