Shapeshifter Tarot


Does anyone have and work with the Shapeshifter Deck? What do you think?
I had been looking at the Cosmic Tarot, but I got a chance to handle it and although I am still taken with the artwork and would like to own it as a "Collecter's Item" right now I want a deck that I can work with. I saw the Shapeshifter on Aeclectic and it really caught my eye.Then, about a week ago I dreamed of a Shapeshifter. (From Lizard to Human) Now I am wondering if I shouldn't check this deck out a little further.

Comments anyone?


I can't work with this deck very well, but I find it useful as a collector's deck, and for meditating on. I also love the artwork.

It also uses Fire for Swords and Air for Wands, which I don't agree with, so it's quite difficult for me to understand.

And it has three extra cards so it actually has a total of 81. I really don't like that idea...



i agree w/ kiama. i never could read the shapeshifter cards. the extra ones and card/suit switches threw me off b/c i had to rethink my interps. but don't let us change your mind. sometimes dreams can be powerful indicators. this could be your deck. i did find the art beautiful.


I have the shapeshifter tarot.They are Beautiful. In fact , when I first got them,I looked at the cards everyday. But I have never used them for reading! Personally, I take messages from dreams as meaningful. That you would actually dream of it and remember it sends a strong message. (From Lizard to Human ? Maybe the pleiadians are communicating to you! Oh , never mind!). As for the "Cosmic" tarot , I have that one also and it is one of my favorites. Definitely worth getting in my opinion.Also ,it is much more "Traditional" than Shapeshifter. It pretty much follows the rider-waite symbolism , with easily understood pictures, while the shapeshifter does not.