Shapeshifter Tarot



I just got this deck and had heard alot of negative reviews on it so I was not prepared for how lovely it is. I would love to know what others think about this deck.



i agree it's quite a lovely deck. don't let the negative opinions of others influence you. what do we know about what will or won't work for you? you are a unique individual and what you experience w/ the shapeshifter will be uniquely your experience--not ours.

that said...imho, the extra cards throw it into being more of a divination deck than a tarot deck. i also didn't like how air and fire had been switched. i really tried reading w/ it for about a year b/c it is so pretty to look at. but i got frustrated w/ looking up the meanings to the extra cards. i suppose i've been reading w/ 78 tarot cards so long that i want 78 cards if the author proclaims it a tarot deck. i don't feel frustrated w/ oracle decks that never pretend to be tarot. i really wanted them to work out for me. oh well!


i have this deck also. for me, it wasn't that it had extra cards, it simply didn't resonate with me. i had high hopes for it to - i love animals, and i love the idea of shapeshifting. but i didn't much like the artwork - it's good, but not my taste, and all those morphs just seemed silly after a while. it's funny, i have a few of d.j. conways decks, including the celtic dragon tarot. i really don't use any of them. i like that air and fire are reversed - i use that correspondence in my own workings. and that was another reason i got the deck. but again, much as i tried, it didn't speak to me.
luv and light,


As with all DJ Conways' decks, she uses Fire for Swords and Air for Wands, which goes against what I think is right for me. In the Shapeshifter, I think the extra cards did put it into the divination deck catagory, but I think they do have something to say. If you get thedeck, and find you don't feel good with the extra three cards, then just take them out.

I LOVE the artwork in this deck, as I love all Lisa Hunt's art. And I like the idea of shapeshifting. Howver, I found these cards more useful when meditating and pathworking, an when just reading for myself, in spiritual matters. I don't find it easy to read for others.

Again, don't let anyone elsees opinion sway you too much. That is just wha it is: An opinion. Not the definitive answer. It really depends on the person. I know of people who can us ethis deck really well, and it just clicked wit hthem straight away.

It's a shame it didn't with me, cuz it's a beautiful deck.