Today while journeying, I saw my animal guide turn into a beautiful boy. :p It just happened and it and left me feeling very excited and nervous somehow. I had read about shapeshifting in a few books but today was the first time I saw it (while journeying). I would like to know more about this art and is there anyone who can actually shapeshift?


a_shikhs, that is not shapeshifting.
That is normal during tranceand happens all the time.
Shapeshifting is, whey YOU shift into your Spirit Animal/ Guardian and OTHERS = in ordinary consciousness can see that and recognize it as such.
Like I described here:


Yes, shape-shifting is more than the name suggests and combines consciousness rather than mere shape. For me, it is something which happens naturally when it needs to, not when I want to. It is an agreement between both parties or a teaching experience, a necessary means by which to express something to me but I have never yet been able to truly merge with any animal whilst doing a workshop or at a conference. It doesn't happen on demand (for me).


Thank you for explaining that Mi-Shell and Milfoil. Now that makes sense. :) I'm totally new to this whole path and there's so much to learn and grasp and I'm loving every bit. :D