Sharing my Faerie Guide!!


Greatly inspired by my fae, and my great friends here on Aeclectic...and the fact that I now know how to use a scanner...

I have decided to share my personal Faerie Guide with you all!

I know for some people, sharing your Fae is very personal, and much like revealing a huge secret.

My guide couldn't wait to show off his visage!
(in fact, he likes to show off A LOT!)

The story of how and why he became my guide, goes back a number of years before the FO existed, when I had been attempting to contact the Faeries through my own means.

I was attending a workshop at the local Art League that was exploring the connections between creativity and intuition.

We went into a guided meditation in order to meet our Creativity muse, usually a totem animal, who would guide us to our own pool of intuitive art. afterwards we were encouraged to create a 3D sculpture of our guide using tinfoil, tape, glue, feathers, yarn and what have you.

I was an old pro at mediations,and connecting with the serious, and mysterious higher self, and so I expected to meet one of my already busy totem animal guides...

No one was more surprised than me when this shaggy fluffy muppet-like Yakmuse (pronounced Yak-moose) came bounding through my subconcious like a big overgrown puppy to lick my face, and remind me not to take anything...including my darn seriously!

The yakmuse is very much like a dog in its unending loyalty, boundless energy, and unconditional love! It is also about the size of a medium sized dog, and absolutely loves to play, and run! Its coat is soft and wooly, like an angora alpaca, and it does have a waggy little stump of a tail.
It is also very creative, highly intelligent, and connected to some of the greatest Great mysteries.

This particular yakmuse is named Koree Kobee, and he is part of a whole pack of Yakmusi, that roams the paths of the otherworld.

When I said I was going to show everyone what he looked like he was sooo excited and delighted that he began to bounce up and down like a little shaggy rubber super ball!

The painting was done with craft acrylic directly onto the card, and then covered with a clear coat, so it wouldn't scratch off. It left the card a bit bowed, but a day spent pressed under a heavy book seemed to fix that superbly!

I wanted to do it in a Froudish style, so that it didn't look out of place with the rest of the deck. I can't account for the other fae that weaselled thier way into my Mind's Eye and were subsequently added to the painting. I am not sure who they are, but I know that Faeries love to be depicted by artists, so Iwasn't too terribly surprised...

For some reason the scanned images keep comming out blurry...even though the original is not. I dunno what that could be...other than sometimes it's really hard to capture them using technology. Oh well...

Here is my Koree Kobee, one of the Yakmusi...

the first scan didn't come out completely...see next post!


hmmm...for some reason it doesn't want to show the whole image, so I will attempt this again...


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Chronata, he is adorable! And I love your artistic style. Nice to meet you, Koree Kobee, and thank you for the introduction, Chronata!


He's adorable! And your style of painting fits quite well with the deck! My Faery Guide card is still blank due to my severe lack of artistic ability.

Aura Wolf

Hehe...are those antlers? I'm jealous of all you people who have met your faeries/spirit guides. I'm still waiting.


Koree Kobee is adorable... I feel so honored that you are shareing him with us.


wow he is beutifull and you are so talented

very jelous here



You are so talented and Koree Kobee is so cuddly, I love him. Never a dull moment while he's around eh? He looks like a bundle of fun (and trouble). I have done my guide but I drew it and had alot of trouble getting a pen to work on the card. (Well that's my excuse)



Thank You, Chronata! :) Koree Kobee is amazing. I love the drawing too.


What a sweet faerie guide.
I hope he doesn't shed too much, or like to eat crackers in your bed.....
I know who my faerie guide is but I've never been able to capture him on the card yet.
His name is Entwi Damala.
I haven't got a clue as to what that means?????