She is the Bright Refection


I stumbled across this document at Sacred Texts, It's a translation of a portion of the Zohar. I edited Genesis, Chapter 52 and created a PDF; the original is very difficult to follow and digest.

What got my attention is its references to the "luminous mirror." That sounds a lot like Waite's "bright reflection" in his description of the High Priestess. In a way it seems as if the HP could be the Zohar, insofar as the Zohar is a mystical interpretation of the Torah.

I included the whole thing, it's only one page and there are other interesting bits.

Adam Sitting at the Gate of the Garden of Eden.pdf


She is the bright reflection

In Waite's " Holy Kabbalah " he says " the Oral Law is her ( Shekinah's ) image , while the image of Jehovah is the Written Law - a distinction at once eloquent and pregnant , for the Inward Law is life , while the Outer is the body of life."
So , assuming, paradoxically, that the Oral Law is enshrined in the Zohar , then the latter is Shekinah's image rather than Shekinah herself.


I think I see what you're saying and technically I'd have to agree. She's not the Zohar per se, but its essence. She's the Oral Law, much of which has been written down in the Zohar; but it can't be said to contain every possible interpretation or inner meaning of the Torah.