Should I buy it???

hippie witch

Hello everyone!
I'm thinking of buying this astrological cartomancy/oracle deck on Indiegogo:

I'm a tarot reader, but I really like this deck. Does anyone have some good cartomancy resources for me to learn more?
Or what's your take on learning cartomancy, I need help on whether I should just jump into it :)



cartomancy is an extension of tarot, we have a number of members here who only use playing card decks. And Lenormand, the same thing. When I'm stumped by a pictorial card, mentally I break it down into a playing card, looking for the root interpretation. Widening our knowledge base is a good thing.

Welcome to AT!

hippie witch

Thank you I'm excited to read through all the threads! And P.S. I got the deck!!! I'm so excited to learn more about Cartomancy.