Should I use Tarot Bags?


Hi! I am thinking about buying some tarot bags that 100% cotton with beautiful coordinating patterns to the decks I own. I have read that it is good to place the tarot decks in these bags either made of silk or 100% cotton. I was also thinking about buying a laycloth with a beautiful celestrial print on it to do my readings with. I was wondering how many people use these and if they are reccommeneded. Also, the person I'd be buying them from is a reiki practineer and she could channel some healing energies on my bags. Would this be beneficial?? Any help appreciated.


i think having special homes for your decks is a gesture of love and affection that will help you bond with them. a spread cloth isn't required but again another loving gesture that may signal to your unconscious mind that you are preparing for a reading. i like using one but if i can't find it, i've used different things to spread my cards out on. i've used silk cloths, paper layout charts that came w/ a deck, scarfs,down to a clean bath towel as a spread cloth. afterall, the magic is in me not the spreadcloth! the main guide i use is that the cloth needs to be a neutral nondistracting color or i'll look at the pretty colors instead of the cards! therefore, i avoid busy prints and stick w/ solid colors. if i know the surface i'm using is clean and dry then i'll go w/o but when in doubt i use a spread cloth to protect my cards from moisture or a dirty surface or a surface i don't want my cards on. as far as reiki goes, i've had reiki healings and they are nice so i don't see how having your bags and spreadcoth charged w/ reiki could hurt. little rituals like these often create strong bonding with the unconscious mind--something that is helpful in tarot, imho. :)