Should we do a December Faerie Seekers' Circle?


Hi all,

I was thinking about this and perhaps we should wait until January. I am thinking that folks might have a hard time finishing it up as Christmas gets closer.




Hi Marion,

I dont think I will participate in a December round if there is one. However I will be back with bells on in January! It will be interesting to see what everyone else thinks though :)


I got 2 holiday's in December... on on the 5th as well... and a vacation... (going to London)... Still... I could do a Circle I think ;)



I think I'd have to pass on a December circle. I wouldn't be able to give it my full attention. So I vote for waiting until January. That's just me though. :)


As I have not even completed my reading for Inanna for November I definelty would have to pass for the December round. But if there is enough interest I think y'all should go ahead.


Hmmm... as it would be my turn to run it... and I just found this again after a week... I am thinking we should wait for January... I will definately run that one though... and I am working on a great new spread for the new year...


Okay faerylvr, let's leave it until January then. Great that you have a nice spread ready to go!!

:love: Marion


Well damn and here I was wondering when this one was going to start! LOL I always seem to be a step behind with the Fey don't I?


Sorry tabi... I'll remind you before I post for January... that way you won't be a step behind... I may still be... but you won't be.