Showcase your new deck??


I am going to offer tarot readings online - after spending some time trying to get a shuffling and dealing system I thinks has integrity and works.

Part of the site will offer a 'try-out the system' that will allow the dealing and shuffling of the full deck.

I would really like use the site as a method to showcase some new and original decks - so many of the aeclectic forum artists work is so impressive.

Is anyone interested?

Obviously I would offer due accreditation - links to sites or ways that published decks could be bought.

I am not technology minded but my web designer tells me that the images will show in a 'flash' programme and will not be able to be pinched/downloaded.

Just a thought.....


Hi - this sounds a good idea but I think people here would appreciate knowing more - and if possible seeing a link to your site.

Many deck designers (ourselves included) already have decks in use at - which I have to say is very good and well run. Are you thinking of something along those lines? It would be useful to know a little about your aims and approach. I look forward to hearing more.



Thanks, Baba-prague - I have just looked at and the showcase of decks is exactly the kind of thing I would love to see at my site - albeit it will run slightly differently.

The client will be in a position to view and select cards on the site in 'tutorial' mode - I would offer the chance to choose which deck you want to see on your spread.

The site will not offer pre-programmed interpretations though - this will be done person to person off line.

Not sure this reads as well as it should but
I should be in a position to post a link ( it is still in development) in the next 10 days or so.

Thanks for the input.