Sickly Tarot (unfinished)


There's a lot of dross on Deviant Art, but every so often you'll find something really interesting ...


Oh, I would never cruise Deviant Art directly, but I saw a large print of one of these cards today (The Empress) and went looking.


Oh, very interesting find indeed! I love it when people share their finds.. I would never have seen this one if it wasn't for AT :D.


That is NICE...... do we know if it will ever be done ?


Wow, isn't that superb? Love the idea and the artwork.

Would definitely buy this one.

i like it, i like it, i like it...


very interesting art.
like it very much (would buy if it was avalible)


How intriguing! Gotta love a deck with a suit of Tesseracts!


That's amazing!

And after I looked hard at several of the cards, I realized it's beautiful.
The imagery is rather RWS, by the way; think about it.

Another one for the wish list!! :D