Sideways Runes


Hi! Does anyone know what to do with sideways runes? I know that there are reversed meanings but I don't know any for the ones that come up sideways (that would be..oh...75% of them:)) Any help would be appreciated.


read both meanings and see if perhaps both apply............... :)

i would use your intuition.

in light,

ps thanks so much for posting something other than astrology..........what a nice break LOL (for me to read)


Yes...I was wondering that same thing. I just need work on my intuition thou :(


The way I learned to read runes uses bright-stave and murk-stave meanings. These are similar to upright and reversed meanings in tarot. I cast the runes instead of laying them so I get runes facing in all directions, flipped over, and even on top of each other. I read the meanings as a mixture of bright-stave and murk-stave depending on the degree of rotation and also the way one rune might face other runes. If several runes were rotated about the same degree, I would probably look at that as a sign of changes coming. If several runes were rotated in a variety of different degree, I would look at the possibility of confusion or a scattering feeling as a part of the reading. I do think you are right about using your intuition. What works for you will be the best for you.


Thanks everyone for you help; it's so difficult to find any advice on this.

Raeanne, you're amazing : )


*blush, blush, blush*
Thank you. I do love my Runes!