Similar decks to the Playing Card Oracle?


My 'Key to the Kingdom' deck finally arrived today. Only took three weeks to get to me across the pond from the UK (UK to US shipping is so random, sometimes I get stuff in a week).

I love the deck. I hate the card stock. It seems to be plagued by the same sticky glossy laminate that my Renaissance Tarot is diseased with. Hopefully the cards will get better with use and not stick so much. The cards themselves were still sealed.

This really is a cool little deck and book set. Even cooler that I paid $11 and change including shipping from the UK.

I finally got mine today. I had originally ordered back in 2012, but then I had cancelled it, due to lack of funds. I re-ordered a few weeks ago, I found the original 1992 deck in perfect condition, with book, for $30 at an American Goodwill store :D I love these cards! And yes, the card stock is sticky glossy...ugh...but the cards are super beautiful, and the pictures are very telling! I don't know what it is about the pics, but I was able to read right away with already had a data-bank for them, lol!


I don't think I've posted these before, but I've purchased two decks from UUSI, and they're really beautifully done. These are the two I have (the website has good pictures of the cards):

Black Royal Optik Limited Edition -- graphic art in deep red and black

Bohemia Limited Edition --this deck in in watercolors of blue and red

I also just found this new Kickstarter deck that looks neat:
Bicycle Grungeland Playing Cards -- they look like a grunge-art Alice in Wonderland w/ vintage flair!