Singer of connection


Since I've been getting this card just about everyday for the last week (or so it feels like anyways), I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to this singer.

I can see why it's called "singer of connection" due to it's lines of energy, streatching out. They look as though they would keep going until the energy lines are so worn thin from being stretched out so far. It also looks like a "star" formation. "Reaching for the stars" comes to mind, which is interesting. I just got a book mark the other day that says "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" by Les Brown. I've always consider this card to represent the work that one does in a "spiritual" or "internal" sense; meditation, therapy, writing, or even art work can all be "reaching into the with in" and then using what you find to "stretch" it outwardly. "Connecting" means that it is coming together with something else; "Bridging the Gaps" if you will. Connecting your spirit with your body.

The "star" connatation transforms this singer into another message. To build the bridges that are necessary in order to suceed in what you dream. Connecting with the outter world instead of the internal spirit. In this meaning, you already know what you want to do, it's time to start making a plan and putting it into some real action. The ideation period is over, it's complete, even the blue prints of the plans are "drawn" up. Now it's time to start "building" the real thing, making the dream a reality. That process is the bridging gap in between the space of the ideation and the finished project.

There's also a internal voice inside me, that says "we are connected together always, but we forget that we are connected at all. It's easy to forget about our internal connections when we get so busy in our daily mundane lives". With this message it says "remember this in all things you do".

what are some other thoughts on this faery?


This is one of my most favorite singers. You can see the connection, as the two arcs of light are connected in the center and drawn together. I get this card quite a bit, and when I do it is usually a reassurance that I am connecting to whatever or whomever I need to be connecting to. The fact that you are getting it almost every day could possibly mean that you are integrating, you are not alone, you have you, your family, and your AT friends (although cyber friends we are real you know *LOL*), your personal meditations. You are connected. Knowing that is healing, this Singer wants you to know you are connected so you can heal. That is my two pearls for what it is worth.

P.S. then you are going to start getting He of the Fiery Sword *LOL*


I like what you have said, Jewel and Sage....

I love the green-blue colour of this Singer. Green is a big favourite with me (no kidding lol!) and it is of course the faery colour. I can see little ragged leafy bits around the edge as if the Connection is being made with nature- or comes from nature- or maybe 'nature' versus 'culture' are man made distinctions and faeries simply see the connection in man and tree...

I can see two arrow shapes
^ one points up --- v one points down
As above so below! Heaven and earth connected...

Or they could be male/female or active/passive joined harmoniously

The upwards white line reminds me what Brian said about Singers appearing as pillars of white light...forms of pure energy. I think this particular Singer is reminding us we all come from the same initial energy- the Big Bang or whichever creation story you prefer...I just get a lovely, fresh, zingy, springy, vital, zesty feeling from this card, yum!


greenbeans said:
I just get a lovely, fresh, zingy, springy, vital, zesty feeling from this card, yum!
*ROFLMAO* yep that sums it up *LOL*. I really like the concepts you added to the discussion Greenbeans. It is all about connection. I love your concept of man and nature and of creation. I think your perspective adds a lot of depth to my impressions of the card, and I will always see it much deeper than I have before. Thanks!


Even though this is one of the most important Singers for me, it comes up very little in my personal Readings.

This Singer mostly has a feminine energy for me, and I love to feel connected to each and every being, but, that is more Unity's energy to me. This Singer seems to speak to me not of universal connections but more of the personal one's.

How deep are your connections with your cleaner, the person you meet on the street... and how deep can they be?

I like especially the top 'round' part of this Singer. Sometimes it feels like a hand is there, stretching out and upwards, as it encourages us to 'touch' others. Sometimes it feels more like a mask like thing, telling us how often we hide from others and ourselves.

I also get a very leafy/green feeling, as it reminds us how our connections charge and renew us :)



When I look at this card, I hear "As above, so Below."
I see reaching up, stretching out, assembling energies into the point of light. I see ripples in a pond, even though they aren't visible on the card.