Six of chalices - confused?


I'm very new to Tarot and I bought the Fey deck because it's one of the few Tarots decks that I actually love the artwork for.
I've had a few successful readings which were interesting and I'm trying to study one or two cards a day not as a reading but just wandering through the pack and picking a card out that I'd like to work with.
What I do is look at the card and describe the scene, then relate that to what it could possibly signify. Then I look up the meaning in the book and see how my interpretation compares.

Obviously I'm observing the Fey deck with completely new eyes and don't have the influence of other decks and their meanings because I've never studied them and to be honest at this point I don't want to study any other decks at the present time. Once I do that I'll end up trying to go in different directions and I'll end up learning nothing.

Some cards I'm on the right track and some I'm a bit off base. The six of chalices has totally thrown me off though. I thought that because she is holding an egg and she has white eyes perhaps indicating that she is blind, she doesn't necessarily understand how close she is to dropping the egg as she is holding it so lightly or she may just topple off the chalice altogether and shatter many of the eggs below.
I thought maybe this could hint at hidden dangers or pitfalls or seeing but not seeing what is really there but I read that it's actually to do with the past and childhood events which is about as far off base as you can get.

I guess I'm curious to know what others made of this card. :)


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This six of chalices/cups suggests one who is taking a fresh view of what was the past and what may be the future. The Fey don't seem to have accidents or act with malice so I don't think that "dropping" the egg is part of the message. The Fey represents a basic non-judgemental curiousity and a sense of what was past (the Fey come from eggs according to the book) and yet knows that it represents something that will come to pass or change in its form and impact on its surroundings.

There is a mystery here. I'm not sure the Fey knows that it is participating in and witnessing a "cycle" of was-now-will be but surely intuition binds her/his attention to the egg. What is it that seems somehow familiar? Should it be feared? How will the egg/potential/future affect the Fey?

So, we have feelings of curiousity, cautiousness, wonderment, unknowing, patience, seeking ones place and stableness of a situation, awareness of coming change -- a whole wash of feelings and expectations and mystery. A sort of maturing crossroads, a point in time when "change" is seen as being inevitable and when vague thoughts about one's place in the universe start to coalesce. There is a lot of gentle pressure in this card, you can almost feel a breeze blowing. Dave



Welcome to the forums! I like very much the process you describe about studying a card and writing down your impressions. Keep them. They are important, and they also describe what the 6 of Chalices means to you. Your interpretation, especially if you are doing an intuitive reading, is not wrong!! The images provoke/evoke reactions within the Reader, and we must learn to trust those too. I always look at the book as a way to enrich what I have seen in the card.If they seem opposed, then I just take both meanings in and let them simmer together for awhile. At any rate, welcome and thanks for sharing in the Study Group. Aren't the Fey wonderful! Blessings.........Michael


I'm new to the Fey, and due to my other studies with other decks, I have gotten an interest in symbolisms, such as colours, animals and plants.

Egg - procreation and new life. Infinity because its shape has no beginning and no end. In ancient times, the egg was a symbol of fertility and rebirth, particularly at the festival held at the beginning of the vernal equinox in honour of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of dawn and spring, Eostre. A pagan custom of colouring and eating eggs at the festival was adopted by the Christians, dyeing them red as the symbol of Christ's blood.

Her wings are like angels wings, and as indicted her eyes are white.

White - purity, chastity, peace, virginity, light, wisdom, and because it conceals nothing, innocence and truth. White can also be blankness and absolute silence.The colour, or rather lack of it, is also symbolic of cowardice.


Working with the Fey - primarily intuitive, I did a reading one time and this is the card that told me about the conception and birth of a babe.
The message was conveyed to me in that the Fey was the human soul and sat upon the edge of the Womb/Chalice- all the eggs- being just that, and the Fey/soul choosing the egg to 'inhabit'.
The message goes along with the reincarnation concept that as souls we choose our parents and time to enter into a physical form upon earth.

I saw the white eyes of the fey represent more of an energy spirit than a physical being.