Slowly, slowly...


Just wanted to show you my cards. So far, all the cards are related to the basic personality of the person features in the image.

This means that when I find someone who reminds me of say "The Hermit" I will need to ask this person to feature in my Tarot pack......Indeed, i have a 'Hermit' in my sights (this guy who lives on a farm and runs a LAN for gamers (a shack full of computers)

Sort of a difficult way to make a pack, but it I feels right :)

Major Tom

RideFlame said:
Sort of a difficult way to make a pack, but it feels right :)

Creating a tarot deck is a marathon not a sprint. I've always found the images are there when you need them. ;)

You've made an excellent start. Your cards have a very painterly feel to them.

Are you sticking to the traditional suits and courts?


Hi Major Tom, I have just been looking at the cards you have made. What inspired you to start your pack? For me it was that photo of the lady with the 'predator's' mask, it reminded me of something....took me days to work out that she was La Force.

The tower, in your pack is such a powerful card.

I don't know how many cards I will make, I want to do all of them....hence slowly, slowly.

I don't know if I will stick to the traditional suits.....hmmm, good question :)