Sneaking back in quietly


I have been gone for a bit (a year) but I am back...was just sneaking in and waiving hi...maybe we can start the Faerie Seekers up again...


Hi! Lovely to see you back. I have decided to not run Faerie Seekers any longer but anyone can start it up again. Use the old PM list plus anyone who has posted here recently and see if you can get it to restart.

xx Alta


Welcome back!!

If you'd like to start up Faerie Seekers again, then please let either myself or WendyWu know so we can add it to the list of current circles for oracles!

Oops - if you've been gone a year, you may not know that WendyWu and I are minding the oracle forums now. Lovely place and glad to have you back.



I would be very interested in getting the Faery Seekers up and running! This deck and the fae have changed my life and I would love to connect with others about this outlet :)