Snuffin's ideas: GD LBRP has blinds?!


brightcrazystar said:
When I said using the LBRP with elemental pentagrams is horrid, I meant simply putting them in this ONE ritual, and yes, it is horrid.
That's what I figured you meant anyway. I agree. Snuffin's usage is horrible. But beyond that it is redundant. It's already been done, and done better elsewhere. Why did he try to reinvent the wheel? I just don't get it.

His justifications regarding the New Aeon versus the Old Aeon make no sense to me either. I'm always baffled when people say the traditional LBRP is old Aeon. :confused:
brightcrazystar said:
But "snuffin" is speaking of "Blinds" - that is a word of some import, for it indicates that the author deliberately misleads the casual reader, with a misinformation or lack of information that actually makes the ritual inert or less potent.
The only things that might be considered blinds in Crowley's Liber O version of the LBR is his recommendation to pronounce IHVH as Ye-ho-wau, and the notariqon A.G.L.A. as Agla. But over the years I've seen people doing lots of different pronunciations. It doesn't bother me anymore if someone does it in a way that I might not. But I am aware that some people get a little hot under the collar on this issue.
brightcrazystar said:
Furthermore, there are other formulas to employ for these three Rituals. The Lesser Ritual, Greater Ritual, and Supreme Rituals as THE three rituals revealed in the analysis of the Key Word; the Pentagram and the Hexagram are two of the principle tools of analysis; lenses by which to focus it if you will. The Cross is another obvious one.
I'm a little lost here though. As far as I know there was no Greater Ritual in the original Golden Dawn. There was the Lesser and the Supreme, and that's it.
For some reason the name got changed to the Greater Ritual when Crowley published it in Liber O. Maybe Crowley (or Fuller) liked it better. After all Crowley did write the "True Greater Ritual of the Pentagram" in 1906.

Are you speaking of P.F.Case's redaction of the Golden Dawn material? I know that he developed a ritual called the Greater that was meant to sit between the Lesser and the Supreme.


I am not implying the three are "original" British golden dawn rites. I mean analysis of the keyword (I.N.R.I.) reveals three formulas:


These are the three Rituals, the Lesser, Greater, and Supreme.

These are actually not one simple ritual. they are modes of ritual:

1. The work of a single aspirant -
The Lesser Ritual (the microcosmic tasks of the Fellow Initiate, the Adept of the second order in the "original" British founded order.)
2. The work of a aspiring group -
The Greater Ritual (hint of the macrosmic union, tasks of the Officers, to make of the Aspirants Adepts.)
3. The work of the Chief Adepts -
The Supreme Ritual (the merger of the micro and macrocosms enabling the intiation to even occur. every element of life and being becomes the work.)

These can be done by many formulas, the pentagram and hexagram are the most common.

Consider, for example, the Aurum Solis, A.'.A.'., or even B.O.T.A. - all awesome orders in their own right, and worth much study. They use very different operations in some ways, but they still following the model of the Lesser, Greater, and Supreme: the Man of Earth, the Lover, and the Hermit.