So quiet...


Is it just me or doesn't anyone post here anymore? It's been quiet for the past couple of days... Are the faeries demanding a rest?


I think most of us have done all of our exercises, and so we don't post as often as when we were just getting aquainted with this deck. Actually, I need to get re-aquainted with mine after not using it for a while! *gasp*

R :)


I need to get this deck AGAIN!!!!


Sorry, but it has been quiet here..*s*... and I have been so swamped with life to pull out the fae and play!!! :D (I think they like that rhyme) And Reds, YES, you must get this deck. I am always seeing them, even when they are away.

We all need to play here more..*s*



I know i know Khat...I had the deck before..I want it again...Soon


I've been off line for several days myself -- life as a mother of a toddler means no FREAKIN sleep and it's been making me batty of late -- but I still try to come and share as many faery tales as I can. I did post my most recent at, which is just a smidge down further the Forum.

Oh geez, the baby is already up and it's only 6 am. I've been up since 3:30. And how are all of you????


Re: So quiet in De Smet

Athara said:
Is it just me or doesn't anyone post here anymore? It's been quiet for the past couple of days... Are the faeries demanding a rest?

No, what happened was that some of the Topsie-Turvets got it into their heads to go visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder house and museum in De Smet, South Dakota. Now, we all know that it's winter and South Dakota is not the place to go in winter but faeries will get notions and you can't dissuade them.

Faeries are a bit like cats, when they open the door they expect it to be green grass and red-wing blackbirds and honeysuckle berries and such, and they are always surprised by snow, ice and harsh winds. This time however, they had the foresight to nab a newly refurbished '56 Cadillac with white leather upholstery and a fabulous red paint job. Leather is not known for it's warm qualities so they stuck some dead moss in the back seat, misted it, and cranked the heater up. The humidity of the lush woods of summer then enveloped them, and they were off on their road trip singing stuff like "King of the Road" and "The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer" and hankering for some pretzels and lemonade.

I understand they entered a Taco Bell in Nebraska while sheltering over and caused quite a scene when they discovered Seven Layer Burritos. Everybody knows not to give faeries guacamole, what were they thinking?

The Topsies haven't been heard from since. I wouldn't be surprised if they were headed to Mexico singing "Guadalajara."

Staff training in fast food outlets has really gone downhill.


I've also been off-line all week and will be off line for another 3 days ... but my faeries and I shall be back next week :D