Some ideas


The Hermit

The Fool


These will likely be changed for thematic consistency of some sort. I'm just wondering how you feel about the way I've approached this.

Oh and I know other photographers and a painter... all very young. All girls. I'd like atleast one of them to help out. I know exactly exactly who would be perfect to do it but I haven't approached her yet and I dont think she would want to. I'll probably choose someone else. Expect actual people in my life to represent the various court cards but everything else to be extremely abstract.

Oh and...

I dont believe in splitting the major arcana into female and male archetypes because I don't see the point, so expect the Magician to be absent and in it's place a Priestess instead, and there wont be a hanged man because that card is simply wrong in the fool's journey. I don't think he has to subject himself to torture in order to become enlightened. I would replace this card with something else or remove it entirely. I think the Moon card is quite capable of filling the same need. The Empress will be taken out and the Emperor will stay. All in all... probably the major arcana reduced by half and many of the cards made it into a single card, such as the Tower being merged into the Star, and the tower being removed. See a pattern here?

One last thing I should mention... The Princess will be removed. There will be two elders and one card representing youth. There is no need for two.

Come to think of it maybe a male and female archetype plus a general archetype covering both male and female would do the trick for the court cards. I often pull up Queens representing me. This feels strange. I never EVER pull up the Princess/page for myself. I can always trace it to someone else. I cant trace the Queens to others. I often get the Queen of cups or more often disks representing me and this doesnt make sense.


But if you remove half the majors (and all the aspects they represent) would it still be tarot or have you just changed everything over into an oracle deck?


Good question.
What exactly is an oracle deck anyway?

I dont exactly know what I'm doing. All I know is that there's lots of traditional tarot imagery that doesnt make sense to me. I can still take readings from the cards and use them but I don't understand why archetypes should be split into male and female if they respond to both males and females. Understand what I mean?

I'm hoping to get some advice on just how I would reorganize the cards.

I see The Tower in The Star already and I dont see why they are seperate cards. When something is destroyed that's when you hope... so they're sort of inseperable. As for the high priestess and magician I see the practical knowledge of the magician applied inherent in the priestess which holds it within anyway. Same with the Emperor and Empress. If you're a girl you'd relate to the Empress more anyway and the Empress can be just as strong and independent as the Emperor, so again I dont see why they're split.

Main reason for all this is if I'm going to have the cards based largely on natural environments which are neither male nor female I need some kind of reinterpretation of tarot but I dont see myself doing anything that isnt tarot.

That's why it took so long for me to think this out and that's why I'd like some advice on what you feel needs reinterpretation under what I'm trying to do.


Hi, Frequency. I just tried to take a look at your graphics, and get a Page not available message, then backed down the URL to your name and got "This album is password protected", which could be the problem. Do you have another link I can check?


Did you take it down? All of them are coming up 'page not found' when it was working yesterday.


Oh sorry I did take them down.
I'll put them back up I forgot I still needed them.


And they're back.

If I'm happy enough with the cards I'll probably publish it as a traditional deck and then keep a more personal version. It will take a couple years to complete though because my photography follows my growth as a person and I reflect that in the images. That's why doing a tarot with them would be perfect. I was actualy inspired by the tarot cards I associated those images to. I looked for things in the "natural" world that could be interpreted as life views and emotions and stuff.

With the fool I looked down the road and saw a path that curved into unknown territory. I related to that and took a picture.

With the hermit... well it's pretty simple. You see the hill with the door made into it. I've always thought of the hermit unlikely to go hermiting on a street in a busy city. I always felt it was nescessary for him to find a natural environment. When I was doing this photography that's the way I felt so I translated that to going out into nature to take my photos not taking them IN THE CITY which represented pain to me... Those pictures were done in black and white actualy. I'llshow them sometime here. I was inspired by this fellow quebecer who took pictures of residential areas near train tracks and factories. I live in an area with the transcan and the railroad right next to each other across from a busy street, all parallel, and i've always lived in that area so I felt wanted to do something similar to what he did. It ended up being quite different and depressing although very hopeful since at the time i recognized there were problems...

And finaly with Aeon/Judgement I realized that my life was in a transition period. All three of these cards corresponded to the feelings I was having while taking those pictures.


I like the images very much. To me, what's interesting about this effort is the attempt made to represent tarot images (or tarot-ish images, depending on the outcome) without figures present. What an interesting deck that could be!

It's radical, and yet do-able, once again skirting some of the PC problems with tarot that some people have: race or gender stereotypes, 'spookiness', nudity, etc.

I hope some other tarot creators take that tack, and see what other types of images can result.


Love the Hermit. Not sure about the others, but that's okay, I don't have to be sure to figure the concept is well worth doing.

On your notes on various cards - I can see your points with various cards subsuming others from your perspective, but if you're doing a Tarot deck, remember that individual readers will have many individual biases as to the need for different cards.

Actually, I'm not sure you need to have any individuals in the cards, although getting pure abstracts for them all will probably make the creative and photographic processes take much longer.

I'll really want to follow the progress on this. And I'm thinking that there's no real reason why you couldn't have the deck in landscape format rather than portrait - the layouts would simply be a bit wider. In fact, it's giving me a couple of ideas....


And I'm thinking that there's no real reason why you couldn't have the deck in landscape format rather than portrait - the layouts would simply be a bit wider. In fact, it's giving me a couple of ideas

I was thinking this myself because I was doing tarot and then I realized I'd have to have the cards facing vertical then I realized I could shuffle them the same way and still have them horizontal when they are laid out.

The court cards could be landscapes but also portraits too...
Such as a picture of someone IN a landscape.

Check this out (18+).

"Individuals with a flair for the dramatic, unique personality, and spirit of adventure are right down our alley. If you're into fetish, leather, metal, piercings, tattoos, body art, bondage, or simply have a darker vision, we want to showcase it here. Black eye liner and lipstick don't make someone goth, rather an essence of soul exuded through act and appearance. It's all about individual expression."

That's contradictory.
This site just got off the ground and they're looking for photographers/models. I'm actualy thinking of working with them but I do not want to do gothic photography. Honestly, I don't think that's what she's/he's looking for. I'd rather continue my style of complete irony and duality. All those pictures I linked here were taken off the side of the road, believe it or not. That's what I'm about showing the unseen. People think you have to go so far to find something like that and it was right off the road. Incredible.

" Our photo shoots commonly last three to six hours, and can take place in a variety of places, from temperature controlled studio settings to bizarre location shoots. All of our photographers are carefully selected, and bring with them a unique blend of professionalism, vision, and talent. The set-up and complexity of our shoots tends to be significantly more involved than the conventional "stand there and take your clothes off" approach that has flooded the internet with the "same-old-crap". That's just not our style. Our aim is create stunning, original imagery that embodies gothic eroticism and expression."

I still want to do my tarot project (will take YEARS), but I want to try doing this on the side. I haven't contacted them yet but I probably will once I've taken some photos of Dia. I probably won't publish my tarot deck until after my death otherwise it would not be complete...

I've been looking for a suitable subject for a long time, and the more I think about it the more I've realized I'd feel terrible if it wasn't her. Michelle is interested too but we haven't seen each other for a long time and there's things that need to be sorted out first. She needs to mature a bit she's still very young. I met her in the hospital and she astounded me with her unique flair and personality.