Some insight please!


I asked what would my angles like me to know today whilst using the dolphin and mermaids Doreen virtue deck.

Here's an image down below

Two pop outs

Self forgiveness- "let go of old guilt and remember that you're gods perfect child."
Time to move on - " it's time to let go of the old and worn out so that the new can come in."

Main spread

Simplify your life "elminniate clutter from your home and work life to balance the flow of activities."
Wait "Don't rush into action right now bide your time for better results."
Treasure chest "an unforeseen windfall of abundance comes to you now."

My take

Additional cards

I feel it's telling me to let go off past mistakes tha others have made around me and that I have made, I believe it's telling me that I need to not worry so much about the past and be a little more forgiving. Kinda like rafikis message to Simba in the lion king. I believe that the next card fits in nicely I believe it's telling me to (backing up) let go of things and move on with the rest of the world and enjoy my time in the present.

Main spread

Simplify your life I believe this is telling me that I need to say no to things including work, sometimes I need to put my self first and enjoy the situation around me. I need to clear my mind before anything else, I believe wait is telling me to be a little bit more patient I'm
On the right path and good things are coming to me, I believe it's telling me that I'm able to be on a move in a more positive route. (Sooner rather then later) Treasure chest I believe is telling me that the new opportunities I desired is going to come soon, the one I've been praying about and asking for. I believe it isn't ready to be shown to me yet.

)o( blessings.


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