some of my quick sketches


so sketching away a few things. I use to do ballet and there was a man in my life I loved I drew him in the background along with myself the dieing swan. I did stage ballet but a long time ago. what do you think? not perfect I know just needed to get ideas down.

so quick basic sketches minus lots of details, just mainly for the self so the idea is onto the paper.

death card very quick sketch basis, just an idea for now needs lots of work. the red haired queen
those faeries dwell in the trees

heaven isnt just for humans

The lady of the pentagram

unmask me


The faeries in the trees is gorgeous.

The dark figure in blue in your death cards reminds me of Münch's typical works. He is one of my favorite painters and I always loved the unsettling quality of his dark/primal figures.

Great stuff!


Thank you I hope someday to put real time into it but, rome wasnt built in a day sadly. I dont like lengthy projects yet, its worth the time.

enjoy the weekend


I see great potential in this sketches. Hope one day it'll become a tarot deck. Good luck!