Some possible corrospondences


Hi newly joined, would just like to throw out some possible corrospondences

00.The Fool: The Classical Vice of Folly, The Egyptian God Bes, Socrates who in Knowing He Knows Nothing is the Wisest of All, Pyrrho the Sceptic who Walked Near to the Edges of Cliffs because he Believed Nothing, “Fools Rush in where Angels Fear to Tread”, On the Precipice of a Chasm (Gaping Hollow), Wild Sacrificial Card-Wildman, The Green Man of Spring, Wanderer the World & its Planets, Everyman, Dionysus, Christianised Priapus Guardian of the Gates of Eden who Hits those that Steal from the Garden, Multi-Faceted Harlequin whose Lozenges indicate Latitude, Levity, Touched by God, Fool for God, Lunatic, Bird Brain, Feather Brain, Persona-Self, Janus, Court Jester Divine Providence, Mock King of the Festival after Lent, Ignorant Man trying to Find Himself, Momus God of Satire & Mockery Symbols: Feathers, Long Spoon, Stick & Bundle, Bells, Sceptre, Cockscomb, Mirror, Slapping Stick, Cretan Maze the Path of the Fool
01.The Magician: Juggler, Montebank who Mounts a Raised Platform; Hermes Trismegistus as Master of the Three Worlds the Sun Moon & Earth Imagination + Emotion = Will; Lemiscate Cascade Pattern Symbolising the Non-Duality between Self & Other, “As Above So Below” that which is Created Above Appears Below, The Three Magi, Simon Magus, Apollonius of Tyana, Merlin, Symbols: Table with 3 Legs, Wand, Cup, Sword, Coins, Dice, Lemniscate Hat, Juggler 3 Worlds
02.The Popess: Neo-Platonic Nous “The Eye of the Soul”, Fides Faith the Eye of the Heart Open to the Light of the Soul, The Veil of the Flesh that Covers the Soul, Manfreda Visconti the Guglielmites & the Third Age of Jochim of Flora with Female Popes, Pope Joan, Ecclesia Holy Mother Church, Dame Doctrine, The Sibyls, Isis in her Spiritual Aspect, Intuition, Symbols: Book, Knotted Cord, Larger Eye in Midline, Rosette on Shoe, Simple Habit, 3 Tiered Crown
03.The Empress: The Realm, Ceres-Demeter the Fertile Soil, Cultivation of the Land People & the State, Culture, Woman of the Apocalypse in Revelations, Madonna as Queen of Heaven, Isis in her Temporal Aspect, The Holy Roman Empire, Europa, Sovereignty, Dynasty Bearer of the Heir Apparent, The Circle, Symbols: Shield, Single Wing under Backside, Green Gloves
04.The Emperor: Defender of the Realm, Order, King of Kings, Zeus-Jupiter King of the Gods, The Power of Authority, Osiris in his Temporal Aspect, The Sovereign, The Centre, Symbols: Thumb in Belt & Orb, Eagle
05.The Pope: Keeper of the Faith Holder of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven that Bind & Loosen, “Whatever you Bind on Earth will be Bound in Heaven, & Whatever you Loose on Earth Will be Loosed in Heaven”, God’s Representative on Earth & Giver of the Seven Papal Sacraments that implement God’s Divine Grace, Conscience the Voice of God in Man, The Angelic Pope, Osiris in his Spiritual Aspect, High Priest, The Hierophant of the Eleusinian Mysteries, Symbols: Keys, Pillars, Sign of Benediction,
06.Love: The Virtue of Charity, The Three Phases of Love 1.Introduction 2.Courtship 3.Marriage, Dante’s Prime Mover “The Love which Moves the Sun & the Other Stars", Retrograde Motions of the Celestial Dance of Love, The Choice of Heracles & the Pythagorean Lesson of the Upsilon, Courtly Love, Symbols: Eros, Cupid, Pedestal, Tent, Dog, “On Bended Knee”,
07.The Chariot: Plato’s Analogy in “Phaedrus” of Man the Microcosm made up of the Flesh the Soul & the Spirit plus Plutarch’s Threefold Division of Earth Moon Sun, Threefold Arch Trivium Grammar-Input Logic-Processing Rhetoric-Output the Human Mind? Petrach’s Triumphs , Auriga Symbols: No Reins, Horses Cut Away & Dog Underfoot, Two White Winged Horses, Solar Bursts on Dress
08.Justice: Astraea Who Left the World because of Man’s Sins to become Virgo & to Return with the New Eden, The World is Without Justice, The Truth is not to be Found in the Things of the World but Beyond them, The Sword & the Scales Analysis & Synthesis, Both the Pros & Cons of a Subject must be Weighed up to do it Justice, Symbols: Scales, Upward Pointing Sword, Stork Vigilance
09.The Hermit: Chronos-Saturn Father Time, The Light of Experience Borne of Time, Prudence, Wisdom, Foresight, Saint Anthony, “Turning Around” in Plato’s Cave to See the Fire, Diogenes the Cynic Looking for One Honest Man with a Lamp during the Day, Hermes Trismegistus as Philosopher Sage, El the Supreme God of the Canaanites & Phoenicians, Contemplation, Symbols: Sand-Timer (The Sands of Time), Lantern, The Dragon of Time, Consuming Babies From the Moment of Birth Time Consumes Us, Stick Half-Alpha
10.The Wheel of Fortune: Nemesis, Tyche-Fortuna, The Three Eight-Fold Cycles of Change 1.The Day with its 8 Divisions of 1.Dawn 2.Morning 3.Mid-day 4.Afternoon 5.Dusk 6.Evening 7.Midnight 8.Night 2.The Month & the 8 Phases of the Moon 3.The Year with its 8 Part Solstices Equinoxes & Cross Quarter Days 4.A Lifetime, The Ever Changing Rim of Phenomena Spinning Around the Still Hub of Nomena, What Goes Around Comes Around!”, “The Turning of the Wheel!”, Impermanence, The Fickle Nature of Fate
11.Strength: The Subtle Over the Gross, Heracles First Labor Killing the Nemean Lion, The Virgin Mary Defeating Rome, Delilah the Moon Cutting off the Rays of the Sun Samson who Killed a Lion, Heraclea, Cyrene, Virgo Succeeding Leo, Gentle Persuasion Overcoming Brute Force, Patentia, Symbols: Lion, Jaws Held Open, Pillar, Club,
12.The Hanged Man: The Traitor, The Setting Sun at Winter Solstice the Time of the Dual Reversal when the Sun Reverses Direction & the End of the Year becomes the Beginning of the Year, Death-Rebirth, Tomb-Womb Symbolism, Mankind in Relation to Reality & the Initiate in Relation to Mankind, Judas Iscariot’s Two Deaths from Hanging & Falling & his Roles as Traitor & Martyr, Baffling & Shame Paintings, Francesco Sforza, Dark Night of the Soul, Trial of Initiation, Sacrificing the Ego-Self, Intentional Suffering, A Reversal of One’s Position, A Turnaround, Wrong-sided, Descent Turning Around at the Centre of the World Ascent in Dante’s Inferno
13.Death: The Great Leveller, Thanatos, Hades, Charon, Not Only an Ending but also a New Beginning, Return to the Great Potential, Death of the Ego-Self, Quietism, Impermanence, Transition Symbols: Bandage-Blindfold around Skull, Cutting Off own Foot, Hands & Heads Growing in the Ground, Acorn, Bow made from 2 Spinal Columns, Arrow, Dipping in Ones Toe to Test the Waters
14.Temperance: Sophrosyne, Temperantia, The Holy Spirit Overcoming the Passions of the Flesh in the Midst of Temptation Purifies the Soul, Alchemical Distillation the Interchange of Qualities = Separate the Upward Evaporation Spiritualising the Material + Combine the Downward Condensation Materialising the Spiritual, The Temperance of the Mean & the Temperance of Extremes, Macro & Micro Temperance, The Transfer of the Holy Spirit from One “Container” the Old Testament Wrathful God in Heaven to another “Container” the New Testament Loving Forgiving Man-god on Earth, God’s Covenant with Man After the Flood to be Moderate Symbolised by the Rainbow, Reincarnation & the Transfer of a Spirit from One Body to Another, Thought Transference, Animal Magnetism, “To Give is to Receive!” The Feeding of the 5,000, In Giving Doth Blossom the Soul, The Teachings of the Two Voices Meta-communication via Voice Modulation, Symbols: Flower at Forehead, Wings, Ermine Purity
15.The Devil: The Serpent of Temptation in the Garden of Eden & Original Sin, Lucifer the Light Bearer Falling to Earth Creating the Hellmouth & Mount Paradiso, The Shadow, The Damed, The Forbidden, Denial, Symbols: Adam & Eve Bound by their Temptation & Sin, Tree-Like Horns the Tree of Life & of Knowledge of Good & Evil
16.The Tower: The Fall of Adam & Eve from Grace & their Expulsion from Eden “Self-Consciousness” of the Genitalia inc the Phallus, The Tower of Babel, The Ziggurat of Borsippa the Tower of Nimrod killed by an Arrow, The Tower of St Barbara, Hellmouth & Mount Paradiso in Dante, The Pride Before the Fall, The Collapse of One’s Most Highly Held Beliefs, A Paradigm Shift, Symbols: Tongues of Flames, Ill-fitting Crown, 16 Levels, Phallic Shaped Windows, 2 Falling People, “Globes” Ejaculated Globlets
17.The Star: Stella Maris the Virgin Mary Star of the Sea 1.The Star of Bethlehem 2.Aphrodite-Venus the Evening & Morning Star that Encompasses the Night & All of its Stars 3.Polaris Centre of the Heavens 4.Isis her Star Sirius the Rising of the Waters of the Nile & Black Isis, Astraea, The Lament for Babylon, The Collective Pool of Fallen Humanity & the Redeemer of Fallen Humanity
18.The Moon: Trivia the Meeting Place at the Union of the 3 Crossroads 1.Birth Life Death 2.Heaven Earth Underworld 3.Falling Asleep Dreaming Waking Up “Life on Earth is but a Dream”, The 8 Phases, Major & Minor Lunar Standstills, Lunar Eclipse, Whether Wild Wolf or Domesticated Dog both do Bay at the Moon, Primordial “Things” Emerging from the Depths, Otherworldly Portal, Symbols: Dog & Wolf, Crab Crayfish, The Waters, 2 Border Watch-Towers, 19 Upward Droplets, 30 Rays
19.The Sun: Dawn Eos-Aurora & her Two Sons Emathion & Memnon the latter who built the Walls of Babylon to keep Darkness at Bay & on whose Death Dawn shed her Tears that are the Morning Dew, A Dawning, Abraxas & Gnosis, Illumination, “The Clear Light of Day”, Clearness, Understanding, Insight/fullness, Awareness-Consciousness, Solar/Objective Consciousness, An Awakening, An Epiphany, Symbols: Wall, 2 Children, Droplets of Dew, Cupid, Clothos Spinning the Golden Thread of Life
20.Judgement: Taking Stock, A Second Chance (At Life), Making a Comeback, Reinventing Oneself, Saltire Cross X First Letter of Xpictoc Christ’s name in Greek & the Shape of Roman Cattle Fences that people could Cross Over Through Christ Death is a Passable Barrier , Life Death New Life
21.The World: Heaven on Earth, New Jerusalem, Utopia, Perfection, Squaring the Circle, The Great Work Completed, Completion, The Triumph of Good Over Evil, Fortuna-Virgo Retuning to the Second Eden Symbolised by the 2nd Cherub, Virgo-Virgin-Mary-Christ, Omphalos Stone the “Navel” of the World, The Tetramorph the 4 Apostles & the 4 Elements, Laurel Crown in the Shape of a Mandola, Symbols: 2 Cupids Eden & New Eden, One Cupid Pointing to the Other’s Navel the Omphalos Stone Navel of the World