Some text-based symbolism examples


Here are just a few text symbolism ideas I've had. It seems I see new ones all the time. It just is a different way to find meaning and notice/spotlight possible symbolism.

a cat wanting in the house
a full sink of dishes
bowling a strike
a painting only half finished
a pie in the face
boat anchors



text images


Did you intend these to stand separately, or are they a flow--poetic in a way?

I can go-- logic kicking in loosely here-- from the sink to the bowling to the earplug. The three tie together for me through sound...

As separate line/images, I do get multiple sense reactions. I think this is what you're going for.

Keep up with it. Tarot may prove quite a challenge...

Fly well


I think this is an intriguing topic. It seems there is an implicit debate on the various merits of e.g. (at worst?) "keywords" versus pictures. The former often seem to be viewed as limiting or somehow "lesser". In addition there seems to be a general notion that pictures connect better with the subconcious maybe? Perhaps so! But I am not quite so convinced. What do pictures mean to you? How EXACTLY do you interpret them? For me anyway they (or the symbolism?) often seem to suggest a text phrase... And, if I am to use my "intuition", (depart from the literal pictured meaning) it is exactly that resultant text (in the brain!) that often seems to lead on to this...

I quite like the Crowley Thoth idea: "Strife" etc. gives me quite a LOT of possibilities... and perhaps even more than a bunch of RWS "yoofs" struggling with their wands? }) But I think there are also interesting contrasts with other divination nethods... Runes, I-Ching which may be more/less reliant on text (or rather symbols?) than pictures...

Can one really AVOID bringing language/text into the process somewhere? :D

But perhaps this isn't quite the topic under discussion??? :)