Some unwind bedtime exchanges


Your cards:
Fool/7 of pentacles/4 of swords (tower)
Quint: Justice

You ever done "hurry up and wait"? This is going to be your month ahead with him. However, 4 of swords tells me there is tentions from (in) him and if it is not you being the cause, suggestion to give him as much space as possible and just wait till he makes a decision because if the pressure goes you'll get the front of the tower. So let's him get over what ever that tower he is holding, and hopefully it will go away by august. It almost feels like wait for justice type of deal. Ignorrance goes a long way, with 4 of swords if there is some negative feelings do not respond with negativity. Ignore it or be positI've!

Hope this resonates.

Ha, yes, this resonates. The dreams I've been having have basically been reflecting a lot of this. I stopped having dreams about him for a while but they've picked up again with him being highly anxious and stressed for some reason that I do not know. I'm certainly going to keep giving him space though and keep doing what I'm doing but this seems to confirm the inklings the dreams have been giving me.

Thank you :)


The song makes me little worried. There is a lot of drinking in it. So last time I talked to him, he looked tired. He told me that he works a lot but two of his projects are not going well and that must be that. Also I asked him if I could move to his place and he looked releaved but now I'm wondering if he only needs me to be there to take care of him. Not sure.
Thank you. This gave me something to think about. :)

Oof, sorry! I could be wrong! I shuffled through several songs however and a lot of them had a similar theme. Hopefully he's just stressing over work or working through whatever may be distracting him and that's all it is.

Good luck :heart:


Your song is Lord + Son Lux - Easy

Five of Chalices RX + The Sun RX + Nine of Pentacles RX
Seven of Wands + Justice RX + Ace of Swords

From the song alone it doesn't seem like A's feelings are accessible at this time. It seems very much like a conscious thing he's done, like he doesn't really want to feel those feelings, he may not even be very invested in feeling in general right now.

Completely right.
He is trying to avoid feeling those feelings in order to move on.

I'm not sure if you're in contact with them or are close but it seems like they may be going though a pretty rough patch right now. They may be trying to find a way to just get through the day to day, to try and find a way to make ends meet but even trying to look to the future isn't something they're interested in.

True, we no longer communicate. I am unable to know what they are going through exactly but I could sense some dissatisfaction from their part from times to times.

It may be that when the time is right, you'll really know what they're feeling deep down. But whether that's something that will ever happen is a mystery. They're too miserable right now to really let it out and let it be something that anyone can access.

Let me know how that sounds. Sorry about the bummer read!

I think I might be able to get an access to their feelings for me once they stop blocking me out.
But yes, how he actually feels for me is a mystery indeed, thank god I have tarot though.

Thank you for the song and the reading, it makes a lot of sense.

Can I get a reading on what my guides would like for me to know about how to generate some extra cash? :laugh:

Justtice rv,
Tells me it can be done illegally or to not go overboard, you can break some rules.
Or if there's some financial injustice towards you going on for quite a while, you can take action towards the situation and rightfully earn money from it.

Four of Wands,
Shows that you need to enjoy yourself on behalf of others for a little, that's not selfish.
When you are invited somewhere to travel or spend some time with people, it would be beneficial to you.
Overall, I see freedom in this card, you don't need to tighten up your cash but of course in a balanced way.
I also pick up to really indulge into your home activities and work from home maybe, also, use every resource your home brings to reach out your needs.

Lovers rv,
Shows an unbalanced give and take type of a system within your life.
The female part of yourself wants to spend and spend and the male part of yourself wants to save and save.
You are already in a stable or will be in a stable place by what I see in the cards.
Unfiy those different parts of yourself and become even, I feel it will happen naturally.
Justice and Lovers rv shows you are off balance but you do have a stable solid ground.
Maybe you spend a lot on other people or exterior influences than on yourself can come to mind with this card too.

Hope I make any sense.


Don't forget to cultivate love even in times of turbulence! You're deserving of it even if the picture of your life isn't perfect :heart: glad it resonated

I've actually started to come up as the page of wands lately because I've been trying to adopt this kind of mentality more. I've been more often than not over the last year showing up as the QoS or QoW but those tend to be me under extreme duress and in turn my more unapologetically brutal aspects of myself. But since that in turn means I put myself under more consistent pressure, I've been trying hard to ease off of that mentality and trying to let myself be genuinely care free. The Queen of Pentacles is a card I haven't seen in a hot minute, though. That's me at my most secure and nurturing which is nooooott really something I can say I've been for a while (it's... Been a really rough year :laugh: ).

With all of that being said, I can see how if a KnoP person came along I'd probably be rolling along and distracted with other things. I'm not actively looking for love and a relationship but a friend? Sure! That sounds great! But a friend means I'm not going to pour the same kind of energy and investment as I would a romantic one. Doesn't mean I'll ignore them! Just means they get the side of me that's not trying to impress (Page of Wands) rather than the side of me that does (QoS or QoW).

Either way, whether the PoW is another person, I can still see how I'd turn inward. It's been my go to mentality and while I saw it as a daunting task before, it's becoming something I'm really learning to appreciate. I do miss being more of a QoP. I haven't shown up as her especially often in comparison to the other two queens but it's me at my most secure and grounded which is ultimately what I'm trying to get back to again. But hey! Having two people fight over me also sounds pretty nice since it feels like all year I've been trying to fight for attention :laugh:

Thank you!!

I think its possible that you could be Page of Wands, but I distinctly saw three different energies. One of them being you as Queen of Pentacles, and Knight+Page as love interests. Either way, you'll end up in a good place whether coupled up or not! Great exchange, will miss AT so much!


are you still taking sitters? hope you doing great by the way, sorry my manners lol. would like to know what to expect in august?


Your song is Zhu - Faded (Odesza Remix)

Four of Wands + Two of Wands RX + Judgement RX
Nine of Cups

It seems like it's a possibility but not before one or both of you does some seriously deep grungy internal work. This song makes me think of someone who's yearning intensely, someone who really wants to connect, but they're too wrapped up in the confusion of life and their circumstances to really make that big leap to reach out and touch someone.

I think V wants to. But they may be scared to. They may be feeling like things are so far gone and out of their hands that there's nothing that can be done to, well, bring things back to life. It may be on you to try and initiate the reconciliation process but Judgement RX makes me get a strong feeling that while it can happen, now is not the time. You need to work on letting go of some of your own wounds that I'm not even sure if they're connected to V at all so much as wounds in regards to connecting to people in general. Spend some time with yourself and healing yourself. Getting to know yourself in relationship to the other. I think once you clear out some of your own baggage, you'll reach a spot where initiating this is something that is basically calling to you. But wait until that time comes as it'll be integral for the both of you to really start fresh.

Let me know how that sounds!

I'll actually have the same with N :)

Hi obey, thank you so much for your reading and sorry I am late with the return reading. I left this forum a couple of days because I thought it was closed to any new posts, but hopefully I can post my feedback and return reading.

I listened to the song and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. :heart:

Feedback first...

First of all, this confirms some other readings on this even from some time ago. Our relationship went through a train wreck kind of situation and knowing him I understand that he feels that nothing can be salvaged from that wreckage. At the same time I know and notice he still has feelings for me and we have this unbreakable bond to each other, which is why I am asking. I am seeing other people now and feel fine with that. I have done my healing but I still feel connected to him so for me this is a possibility.

So with the letting go I think it mostly relates to him, but probably still me some. And true that the wounds/traumas that I have healed in myself were only partly because of our relationship but mostly due to childhood trauma. And yes, it rings true that I would have to be the one to initiate as he feels shame over what happened between us. Currently we are not talking because he is refusing contact.

Thank you so much for the reading and onto yours now...


I'll actually have the same with N :)

Hanged man / Knight swords / 4 cups
Base: Queen cups

I am going to say that it is not looking too hopeful at the moment, but as the quint is the Tower, and the 4 cups, as a minor arcana card, is more of a conscious choice than a subconscious one, a reconciliation is possible. But it would take a total breakdown of the existing structures that are and have been around you. I am sensing that your relationship is in some kind of pause, one or both of you, decided to remove them from the relationship. It could be that it felt that it took too much compromise to keep it afloat.

A lot of the obstacles to making your relationship work seems to be around how you communicate with each other. Could be that it tends to get heated, turn into arguments where nobody is willing to hear the other and validate their experience. Does that resonate? There are walls around you and you have been protecting the walls themselves for fear of letting them break. It can be a painful experience to allow these walls to crumble and fall.

This queen cups is intuitive and has enormous capacity for sensing what the other not only is feeling but understanding where they are coming from, even if she does not agree or feel the same. She is able to validate the experience of others. She is surrounded by water and water always slows down speed and will soften the impact of those walls coming down. She can calm that knight swords. She is the key.

I hope this makes sense and I wish you all the best and hope we meet again over on the cartomancy forum.

Hugs :heart: