someone wrote a book on the sweat lodge!


The Sweat Lodge is For Everyone: We are all related

I am surpised though i didnt' do a search for it.
i looked at the contents i didn't mind it, for the author shows the some other sweat lodge uses in the contents

The Lakota Ritual of the Sweat Lodge: History and Contemporary Practice


I might order the first one,, and show it to my uncle who does sweat lodges and see what he thinks of it.

also I guess i shouldn't be suprise that it was "ordained Spiritualist minister, medium"
and not one of the anisabes who wrote it, I would figure that one of us would want to get it right to get it out there.
however i have no idea til i read it how much of it is true, and also i know sweat lodges are differnt here then in eastern or western canada let alone the us.

I wonder if there is a lot of shamans out there trying it due to the book itself and not through a teacher.


Holmes, I always wonder what you think about things like this. I'll be interested in hearing what your uncle has to say, and how you feel after you read the book.



at this point ,

I wasnt' mad about the sweat lodge cards, i was all for it,,
now that i am older I still don't 'mind it at this stage it will be depend on how good the book is focusing on the traditional teachings.
I am curious as to what shamans think of it,, or other ojibwe, lakota, etc think of it here.