Somethng unusual


Someting unusual happened to me last week. I wonder if anyone has ever experienced this or can tell me more about it.

I was sitting across from, but still a good 10 feet or so from, someone I like a lot. Actualy, yes I do love him. We have known each other for years now but its a hard situation.

Last week I told him for the first time that I had often wanted to go over to him and hug him. And that once I had come very close to doing so. Then what happened was I saw him lean forward towards me physiucally a bit (always a good sign in that sitaution I am sure)

I don't know if I can describe this properly, but here is my question and I hope someone understands...

After I saw him lean towards me phyically, it was like his soul was trying to reach out to me. I saw hsi face and then for like once second or two I saw what looked like something came forward from it. Like an energetic version of himself. It looiked like his soul was trying to reach out to me.

Juat as I saw him lean forward I saw like and energetic vision of his face extend like 6-10 inches before his real face. Transparrent but clear., Kind of like you would think a ghost would look. Or now that I think of it, like my angels look to me when i ssee them. Transparent but unmistakable in their form.

It felt like he was reachign out to me energetically, wheher it was conscious or not,. Like his soul was tyring to come closer to me. It was just a second or two at the longest.

But it was so unusual to my experince. And I had the distinct feeling that something deeoly spiritual had happened betwen us afterwards.

I have no idea if anyone will understand as it is so hard to explain in words. But has anyone ever experienced someting like that, or heard of it, or know what it is?




When I was working I had to attend weekly management meetings. The boss's secretary had to attend to note action items and so on. Needless to say she frequently found the blather boring. Once I was sitting across from her, a tiny bit zoned out myself, idly watching that side of the table, and it seemed to me that I saw something, something transparent that looked like her, stream off from her and leave the room. I didn't say anything and seconds later the boss called on her and she was back. It was funny and a bit of an eye-opener at the same time.


When I was working I had to attend weekly management meetings. The boss's secretary had to attend to note action items and so on. Needless to say she frequently found the blather boring. Once I was sitting across from her, a tiny bit zoned out myself, idly watching that side of the table, and it seemed to me that I saw something, something transparent that looked like her, stream off from her and leave the room. I didn't say anything and seconds later the boss called on her and she was back. It was funny and a bit of an eye-opener at the same time.

I am still trying to figure this out, but i find it fascianting. Yours sounds like a bit if astrotravel. She much have been bored to and her mind/soul went somewhere more interesting for a time.

This is all fascinating to me.



Experiences with Energy

Wow.. I can imagine these experiences..... I really can... but I haven't seen anything because I very rarely look up or around...I tend to look in.... I have however felt energy so strong, that it physically pulled me towards someone or propelled me towards them. This happened with the only person I have ever fallen in love with..... I felt the energy long before I spoke to the person... I knew exactly what would happen, with me doing nothing, and it did all happen...over several years. Still would be happening, but it's not good for me. I have to stay away from this person, because the energy always pulls me back..... no matter how hard I fight it.

I sometimes want to ask why... when I am so very strongly drawn towards something, like in a way I cannot stop it happening....this has happened a few very significant times in my life. When the energy ball or whatever you care to call it gets moving, nothing can stop it and I feel totally taken over....


SunChariot, I don't know exactly what your experience is called and I haven't had that exact thing happen. But last week I also experienced something I haven't before. You may think it completely different to what your saying, but I think the "energetic" things must all have something in common.

I was talking to a woman at work about "psychic" stuff (which in and of itself is something unusual because I don't talk about this at work.) But a new woman started a few months ago and I immediately got a strong vibe of purity and wellbeing and a sense I had known her all my life.(I get these impressions often upon first meeting someone) I actually told her when I met her that I felt like I already knew her...

Anyway, 2 weeks ago she started asking me about her dreams, just out of the blue and why she thought to ask me I don't know. Then last week she was telling me how fascinating psychic stuff is to her, astrology, etc and I was leaving and she walked out with me, she asked me if I would tell her who she would marry and if she already knew him!!! Now I never use the word "psychic" to refer to myself, but I did tell her sometimes I have precognitive dreams...As I was trying to explain to her that I don't get information on command, but rather I often just get impressions when I'm not expecting it, I saw a very tall maybe 6'3", thin black man with really close cut hair and very defined facial features emerge from behind her and he appeared to be looking over her shoulder! I have to tell you I was a bit surprised and excited! I said "wait, wait" because she was in midsentence and I described the man. Turns out this description fit a man she knew and a situation she was in and some other thins going on between the two of them.

My thing is- I haven't ever received an image of a person who felt as though they are alive! I certainly have never received information that pertained to someone the minute they were asking about it. (Cards and intuitive flashes aside)

I think, SunChariot- and you can tell me what you think about this --- We are just continuing to develop. We are just going to keep experiencing new ways of receiving info and seeing, sensing, feeling what's all around us. Gradually throughout my life I have opened up to new things along the way and it's really what makes this all so exciting.

I was thrilled to read about your experience, because energetically I know I have felt strong bonds with people, and like winterchild said I have felt the "attract/repel" thing.It seems that this month I have really had a lot of "psychic" stuff happening and last week's experience really was a first for me!


another GREAT thread! this sort of thing fascinates me--and I've enjoyed reading each post. Babs, I could be wrong, but I believe that perhaps he does feel the same way about you-wanting to be closer to you, but perhaps since he didn't act upon it, save for energetically, this is why you saw and experienced what you did. There is soemthing that is holding him back--he is fighting the energy that is there, I believe. now, I could be wrong, but I think I am not.

Alta, I also agree with Babs again that it was a form of astral taveling on her part. Cool that you 'saw' it!

There is energy all around us, of course, and we will at times feel the pull of it. I can remember, when I was very young and out with a girlfriend in a very crowded bar, sitting at a table when a young man walked in and he walked up to the bar - at the other end of this building from where we were sitting. There were a lot of people, but as soon as he walked in, I could 'feel' his energy and I looked up and he also felt the energy between us. We both looked at each other and it was as if everyone else in the place disappeared. :laugh: We did begin dating after that 'moment' and we dated for a long time. He was not my 'soul mate' nor I his--but we did date each other and really seemed to connect from the moment we met. However, I also knew even when we first began dating that it would never last--he was not 'FOR' me to have forever. But, he was fun at the time and good to me too, and I was the same for him as well.

Disa, your experience is way cool too! thank you for sharing. we never stop learning and yes, you are developing stronger. May the magic continue for you like this--it is for me and I hope I never stop experiencing things like I do. We all have these abilities within us--it's up to us to allow them and to help them develop, if we wish to.


I agree with the others that it sounds like his energy was reaching out to you and that you two have a deep psychic connection to one another. Whether or not this will develop into a romance remains to be seen, but I think that the intuitive connection will always be there (and probably always has been--if you believe in past lives...) It's a beautiful connection to have but can be almost painful to experience sometimes because it's so strong.

Keep us posted about what develops!


Thank you everyone! I am totally finding this fascinating too. I did have one other experiience with this same man once before too. It was when I was telling him I found him very attractive and he was looking at me so intently in the eyes....that I actually felt like his soul entered me for a moment or two and we were kindof together there inside me.

I have had that experience only once before in my life. It is rare that I find someone that we have that deep connection that we can reach that state. It's just a state of deep connection and oneness. And our souls touching...

Has anyone ever felt that before, like someone looks you so deeply in the eyes it;s like their soul enters you. I have only had that twice, It's almost like you feel a pushing inwareds and almost hear a whoosh.

Hope i still sound sane after this.LOL

@starrystarrynight: We are in a very difficult situation. I have been stressing for a while because he has always sworn that nothing can ever happen between us. Not anything romantic and not even friendship. All along he has told me this. And all along the Tarot cards have told me that we WILL be more, that we will have a romantic relationship, ....

All along he keep saying it could never be. He also denied having feelings that I could see in him. (sigh) And all along my cards (and those of anyone else who read on the topic) saw us being more, in a real relationship and at times even married. thousands of readings all the same. It also often came up that this was destined to be between us. That something would unexpectely happen that would make it possible and even that we would both be Divinely guided by our angels to get to this place...etc.

Three weeks ago it came up in conversation that I had done readings on our future and what they said. I had always thought ti was best not to tell him right now. But it came up and i was not going to lie to him.

Ever since he is extra adamanat that I understand that we can never ever be anything more....and that it is a fact period and I need to let it go and live in the reality. (sigh)
Having a broken heart right now. I really do love him. But he is not a believer in Tarotm, and all this is not doing anything t make him believe.

Even though he does say we have "something good" and he will never leave me or ask me to leave.

Meanwhile the cards still say the same future and even say that there is a reason for why we are here now. It had to happen and seems to be part of the plan. (sigh)

So hard....I seem to have no choice but to let go now. And apparently when I do and relax more he will see the real me more and more and then feel drawn to that.

What a mess! LOL

@ Disa: I think so too, that our "psychic abilities" continue to grow as we progress through our lives. And things like being a reader help it to grow. And meditation also helps with that for me.

But with some people, you just seem to connect with their souls more easily and deeply and almost effortlessly than with others. And WOW, that was an amazing physic occurance tha you had

@ Winterchild. I loved your story too. I have also felt that. Actually with this same man. The first time he sat near me it was magnetic. I felt myself moving closer and closer without even thinking about it. It was like a magnet pulling me.

Thank you all for all the fascinating stories. Hope to hear more here. :heart:


Has anyone ever felt that before, like someone looks you so deeply in the eyes it;s like their soul enters you. I have only had that twice, It's almost like you feel a pushing inwareds and almost hear a whoosh.

YES! And I married him 22 or so years ago! Sometimes, when all the stars are aligned- he still looks at me like that.

SunChariot your whole experience with this man seems heart wrenching to me. I have had "soul connections" with several people over the years, not always romantic ones...but the ones that can never be are the hardest to cope with, I think. Best of luck to you as you sort it, though it may take a lifetime or into the next one. I hope it won't take nearly that long. xoxox


strange coincidence!

I was just about to start a thread about kindred spirits - exactly the kinds of stories you've all been sharing! Something must be up with the planets because something similar happened to me just two days ago. It has happened before with others so I will relate those first.

I do believe in spiritual bonds and happening upon them is the strangest experience. The first happened when I was just 12 years old. The first time I looked into his eyes I thought, "I'm going to marry you." In hindsight I think because I didn't know how else to explain my feelings... This person was my closest friend for many years and I loved him dearly. But the bond eventually became unhealthy and I finally took a conscious decision to break them this year - incidentally, I asked for prayers here to help me. Thank you all again - it was the right decision.

The next time I felt this instant connection, it was for my first lover. I think we still are connected, but it's almost as if we've made peace with it.

There is someone in my life now I share a deep bond with because we shared a past life together.

So I know this feeling very well, and for me it has likewise been rare but unmistakable.

On Tuesday, it happened again. The campus I attend is on holiday just now but the library is still open. I was working alone in the study base when this man entered and sat down across the room at another desk. And when he walked in I FELT it, more strongly than ever before. I felt like I was physically being pulled to him, that I could simply walk over and embrace him. Everything about him was almost painfully familiar - and with that the desire to make him familiar...

So I try to concentrate, can't, and decide to go home. I walk to the printer to collect my things - past him and it's like the air was tingling around him. I come back and he asks if I'm having any trouble with the WiFi because he can't connect. And oh god, that voice. I could listen to that voice for a thousand lifetimes.

So we make small talk and it's the most comfortable thing in the world - which itself was disorienting because generally I have the social skills of a rabbit.

So what did I do?

I bolted. Packed up everything and left. I swear he looked crestfallen. I didn't ask for his number or his name. And while I was waiting for the bus home I felt like the world was shifting beneath me, like this was a life-changing decision I was making. And I battled with myself as I stood there and then I got on the bus and went home.

Because I know everything in my life will change if I get to know him, and change scares me a lot.

But I can't stop thinking about him, wondering. This encounter is making me question everything about my life and what I want. And some of the answers are surprising.

Because of the nature of the course he's on, I could find out who he is and make contact. Whether I will is another matter because a part of me feels incredibly foolish. How can one person have unsettled me so much? And what if he didn't feel anything? What if I'm simply going mad?

So there it is. I haven't dared ask the cards about this one.

TL;DR: I do believe in soul connections because I've experienced this too.

Dawn :heart: