Soul Radiance Tarot - "computer generated" deck


Hi everybody!

Well, I am back. Seems like it's been ages since I last wrote here. But, to cut the long story short - I was involved in a vast family tragedy and it took me a lot to recover. But I am here - stronger than ever, resolved to finish my beloved Soul Radiance Tarot (in the past couple of weeks I've been busy with the Aces. Three of those I have finished /Ace of Water, Ace of Earth and Ace of Air - the last one mentioned can be seen on my page/.

One more ace and then I will see what I will do. You all know (those who were with me from the beginning) that I have to redesign my whole Major Arcana due to the hard disc misfortune. But this presents now a real challenge. This deck just wants to come out and it's beyond my controll now.

The thing that bothers me though is the term "computer-generated decks". I have to state here that for me this is very inaproppriate term. To me it looks as though you tell the computer - look, I want you to generate me The High Priestes and then, all I have to do is push the button and PRESTO! the card is there. Believe me, it's harder than that.

Well, what do you think? Is there a more appropriate term. Because "computer generated" sounds like a child's play. It sounds as though an artist does not have any controll over the process...

Rambling again.

Anyway, I'm so glad to be back. Home. Where I belong.
I love you all!


Spunch, I am so glad to see you back! I have thought of you often and so hoped that you were continuing to work on your beautiful, beautiful deck. Please accept my condolences on your family tragedy, and warmest regards.

My husband is a printmaker who now creates most of his images with 3-D imaging software, and I know how much work and thought are devoted to each one -- they are labors of love, no less so than the images he once made with plates and ink. I think that perhaps the phrase "computer-assisted" is a better description of such work than "computer-generated," which does give the unfortunate impression that the designs already exist in completed form within the machine, awaiting only the push of a button to release them.

Again, it's wonderful to see you back at Aeclectic. Many blessings to you and your family.


I like "digital artwork", myself.

I do hope that you're doing full backups of your work, this time around? There are some really good backup programs that use CDs now, and well worth the extra time.


Astraea, glad to speak to you again! You should know that I have thought of you often as well and you have no idea how much courage and wisdom I have gained from your every word. I'm so glad I've found a person like you here!

Astra - not to worry about the backup! The cards done so far are now on a CD and on two hard drives. I should have learned something from my bad experience, haven't I? ;)


There are others here with much more design experience, but in our college art department we call it "computer-aided design."

My 2 cents


Well, digital artwork sounds really neat!

I don't really fancy terms like computer-assisted or computer-aided. We don't call a beautiful painting on a canvas - oil-and-brush assisted painting or watercolour-aided still life, do we? ;) But maybe I only have a dilemma because English is not my native language.
Maybe this is not all important!
But keep on brainstorming and expressing your ideas about computer art and DIGITAL ARTWORK.

God, I'm so happy to be BACK!


Spunch, I just spoke with my husband and he agrees with you and Astra -- artwork done on the computer is digital art, there is no "assistance" about it; the computer is the medium. Words like "assisted" and "aided" convey the impression that the process lacks something. He (my husband) advocates either "digital art" (as Astra suggests) or "digital imagery" (the term he uses for his own work).


Well, I'm glad we are sorting this out. Because here on the Aeclectic there is a lot of this "computer-generated" term going on. Even my tarot deck was at one point called "computer-generated". And it just did not sound right.

Now, off you go and tell me what you think of my Ace of Air! ;) It's a pity I took all the other cards down (they would have been good up just for the comparison's sake), but since they really do not exist anymore, there was no point of keeping them on the page.


Spunch, can you post a link? When I typed in your web address, the message I got was that the server could not be found.