"soulmate" legit or an overused term?


I have about 3 psychics I swear by. 2 read with cards and hear voices. 1 doesnt use any tools at all-just her psychic gifts. all 3 are amazing. I love them because they are so amazingly accurate with their predictions..but ill go to others, too, just for variety.

ok here is the thing: EVERY psychic or tarot reader I have visited claim that my ex is one of my soulmates. I feel that my ex and i do have a connection but I dont really know if we are soulmates...but if so many insist then perhaps its true? I put that out there because i want it to be clear that I am not one of those people who visit tarot reader or psychics in hopes that they will say that my ex (or anyone in particular) is a soulmate.

Whether its on the phone or in person, every tarot reader/psychic i have been to say my ex is my soulmate. which makes me wonder: when you all visit a tarot reader/psychic do they tell you that your ex or current mate or whoever you have a crush on is a soulmate?"

it has gotten to the point where i secretly suspect that perhaps many readers tell people that "so and" so is their soulmate.

i hope no one is offended by this question. And yes, i believe in soulmates.


I'm still not entirely sure what a soul mate is. I suppose you would have to believe in a soul. I don't believe in a soul so therefore don't believe in soul mates.

I tend to see attraction to people or connections as typically unconscious and based in psychology and possibly pheromones rather than faith based. Procreation is such a strong innate urge in order to continue the species.

I have heard soul mates connected with karma which is apparently part of theosophic belief. Karma is such a complicated Eastern philosophy that I find it hard to conjoin it to typically Western beliefs.

I have an aversion to the concept of soul mates as well because it presupposes destiny and I am a firm believer in free will. I don't believe in past lives and don't believe there is only one person out there for us.


Hi Olivia,

I believe in soulmates too. :) Maybe the tarot readers and psychics who have told you that your ex is your soulmate are telling the truth.

It's possible that some readers do say that because they are bluffing. ;)

EVERY psychic or tarot reader I have visited claim that my ex is one of my souldmates. I feel that my ex and i do have a connection but I dont really know if we are soulmates
In my opinion, it is not necessary that there is only one soulmate for each and one of us. Your ex may be a part of your soul group, which does make him your soulmate. Soulmate does not mean that you will live your life happily and ever after with him/her. We all have many soulmates, who we share a connection with, and who help us learn our life lessons and teach us what we need to learn in our present life, such as love, forgiveness, happiness, etc.

I feel that my parents are my soulmates. Also a few of my friends, whom I'm not in touch with anymore are my soulmates. They taught me what I needed to learn and have now moved on. We can have a number of soulmates from our soul group who will teach us our lessons, maybe in a nice or a harsh way. :)


I personally feel we encounter numerous soul mates that serve a different purpose along your adventures in life. So, your ex may be 1 of many soul mates that can and will change the course of your life forever. What was the lesson learned with this ex? Did it change the course of your life or impact you in some way that you can benefit from in the future?

I hope this helps



Wasn't 'Soulmate' a music show ... ?

I agree that 'soulmate' is a grossly overused word that has lost it's meaning.

{I also think that pomegranate is the most overused flavoring on the planet - give it a break, already! It isn't that flavorful! Try pricklepear instead! :D }


I once had someone tell me they believed that everyone has multiple soul mates, and that each comes into your life for a different reason. Not just romantically and sexually, but as friends and enemies as well.

He described these soul mates are people who your 'soul' recognises and is drawn to, in fierce emotion and often for unknown reasons.
You have these people in your life, some for a period of time, some forever for the lessons you learn from each other.

I liked the theory.

Personally, I think that everyone see's a soul mate as something different. There are lovers or partners who can be your soul mate, but who you cannot 'live' with, therefore your connection is somehwhat reliant on a sexual or romantic connection. There are friends who you go through hell for, and who go through hell for you in return, but you feel nothing but a sisterly/brotherly feeling for. Then there are the people we rivial and envy, becuase they teach us what it is we desire for within ourselves.

Each teach us something in their time with us. Each learn something from us in return.

A couple of other people have said similar things. I tend to learn towards this as well.
the term itself is only overused, when people use it while not understanding its meaning to them. If I were to say to everyone I came in contact that they were one of my soul mates, I would consider it overused. If I say it to for example, 3 people in my entire life, I believe the term is used appropirately.

Each person will be different though.

EDIT: ok, having read and thought about posts in this thread, I am editing to AGREE that soul mate as a general terms is over used. HOWEVER, I still think that the term being used is dependant on how the person using it views what a soul mate is, that there is no one and same answer gives over to being overused in a general term to me. If ya get what i mean...


I believe soulmate is an overused term. What is a soulmate? Someone you should be with, or connect with? Perhaps I personally have never experienced this that is why I can't understand what it means. For me it is a term for romance novels, someone who totally understands you, total bliss. The term "soulmate" has never made a connection to me of what it actually means. So many people spend thier lives looking for their soulmate, or they have found them but they cannot be together.??? If you were "soul mates" nothing should keep you apart, you would make it happen, right? I don't get it. I would think a soul mate is something that is perminate, not something that happens over and over.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this, thus far from everytime I have read there is no clear cut meaning.


Perhaps someone can shed some light on this, thus far from everytime I have read there is no clear cut meaning.

if it helps, the oxford dictionary states:
Soulmate = a person ideally suited to another.


Briar Rose

With all the studying I do about past life regression and LBL's, I feel that lots of people can be a soul mate. Perhaps even the ones that we might have a very bad experience with. Not everything that is good is something that we learn from. And on the other hand, sometimes we get caught so deep in relationshiops that aren't good, and are just traps and have no soul connection. Not all sexual love has a soul connection, no matter how wonderful the experience.

What if we made an arrangement for a certain soul to teach us a valuable lesson that was painful? Could that be a soulmate? I think, yes.

Although I think we tend to use the word mate as someone we love and go down the road of life with- like my dog Blacki. Now there is a true soulmate. She's a bluest-purple sphere and I'm golden. And we play together with our energy balls in a different demension.


The only way I can describe it is by looking at my own life. There are several people who are soul-friends/mates in this life. Maria and I call oneanother sisters even though we live at opposite ends of the country, she is a good 2' shorter than me, I am blonde (well grey now) and she is dark haired, I am fair skinned, she has an olive complexion. In fact on the surface, we are like opposites in every way yet there is a connection.

My husband is another soul mate most definitely but its a different kind of bond.

The soul bond with some seems to come in a form of friendship, support or like-mindedness rather than a longterm sexual partnership. Well, that's how it seems to be for me.

Perhaps asking the psychic in question what THEY mean by soul-mate may help to cut through the confusion?