Spells, white/black magic,candle work?


I am sure everyone have met some psychics that did spell work either with white magic or ones that works against black magic, or use candles. What do you guys think of this? I am confused because some say OH YES THEY WORK! but in my experience, I don't think it has. I know they are like "Be positive" Well, sorry I am suspicious, but hard to believe in something that doesn't show results after months. I am the type of person that likes to see the proof/efforts, etc. Also, I know some psychics charge quite a bit for spells and what not.

I don't care if they do spells and what not, by all means, go for it if you like it, but I don't know. I guess I am just a skeptic. I know it's not like Harry Potter like spells(Man the world be cooler if it was haha).

Psychics that are on here, what do you think of spells, candle work, etc? Or ones that went to a psychic or light worker, what is your experience?


I think that if you want spells to work then you should do them yourself; meditate, learn how to visualise what you want, learn how to work with energy; both your own and that of the Earth... In other words, for spells to work takes effort. In my opinion you cannot buy a spell from a practitioner and expect it to work, it just won't.. Most people I've come across who seriously practice magic would never dream of selling a spell or a spell imbued candle because they'd know that magic is not an easy option that you can buy and sell; it takes many years of practice, focus and hard work to get right.

And magic, energy (whatever you want to call it), is not black or white, it's completely neutral - you can compare it to a force like electricity. It can be used for many things, good, bad and all shades of in-between. The way it's used depends on the intent of the practitioner.

You seem to be after some sort of quick fix to make you feel better and I'm sorry but there are no quick fixes, you have to work at it yourself... Try to see the good in situations, people and things around you, exercise, eat well, get out into nature, go for walks, sit underneath trees... All of these things will bring more magic your way than a candle that you've paid a few quid for.
No-one else, whether they are psychic or not can make you feel better, only you can do that.


What Sulis said. Especially about focussing on what is good in your life NOW. The more you focus on that, the more good you will see around you (I am not being soppy here; I was in a psych hospital myself when I finally took that on board !) But if you keep thinking about how awful everything is for you (and your posts do rather focus on that !) it is not going to get better, no matter who you pay for, visit, consult. It has to come from YOU. Try a couple of workbooks on CBT or Neurolinguistic Programming. They will help you more than any colour of candle !


Thanks for replying guys! I see what you guys are meaning. I am not looking for a spell to make me feel better, just love kind of spells that psychics want me to buy to bring someone into my life.

I do have some self help books I want to read and just start from scratch and go up :)


I am not looking for a spell to make me feel better, just love kind of spells that psychics want me to buy to bring someone into my life.
But you are looking for something to make you feel better, that's why you want to bring someone into your life - someone else won't make you happy, you will.
Honestly, the way to get someone is to be positive about your life now, look for the good in people and things (I've read your posts CelestialHorse and honestly, you don't seem able to do this and it's like a vicious circle of negativity that you're trapped in - if you only see the bad in people that's what you'll get).
People will be attracted to you when you are feeling happier within yourself because it will radiate from you - no psychic, candle, medicine or tarot card will do that for you, you have to do it yourself.
It sounds silly and it sounds harsh but you need to stop looking around for someone else to sort you out and start looking within.

Forget 'love' candles and spells.. Do you really want someone whom you think may only love you because you or some psychic you met put a spell on them? Surely you'd prefer someone to love you because they're attracted to and love you.

The nature thing is worth thinking about.. When I feel bad I try to get outdoors, to wide open spaces or woodland where I can sit and just listen to the trees and to whatever else there may be there... (but then again I've always been a bit of a hippy ;)).
If you can't do that then go and sit outside on some grass, let your fingers run through it, feel the earth beneath you and look at the sky - works wonders, honestly ;).


Thanks :) I do want to get better which is why I have self help books, new journals (regular ones and gratitude), and wrote down goals for myself :) Cycles sure suck but things will get better hopefully. Sorry about my posts.


You don't have to apologise.The only person who deserves that apology is YOU. Treat yourself better. Take yourself to nice places. Be NICE to you. You cannot force life to be what you want it to be, but the more you are yourself and comfortable with yourself, the more the good things in life will start to come to you. It is the ONLY way.

As for those psychics - a GOOD psychic would not DREAM of offering you a spell to get you a lover. You need to trust yourself to do that. Keep your money away from scammers who can clearly see you coming }) - and buy yourself a trip to somewhere you always wanted to go, or a pizza or something that actually WILL make you feel better :)


Thanks :) I do want to get better which is why I have self help books, new journals (regular ones and gratitude), and wrote down goals for myself :) Cycles sure suck but things will get better hopefully. Sorry about my posts.

Awww CelestialHorse, please don't apologise for your posts or for anything else.. I'm just trying to warn you away from trying to find fulfilment and peace and happiness from others, some of whom will charge you for the privilege.
I remember a Buddhist friend of mine telling me many years ago that everything I needed to make me happy was inside myself, I just needed to find the key to find it .. He was right.
Many of us have been stuck in those dark, negative places and honestly, the only way out is to start to look at things differently, to realise that we can choose how we react to people and things. Focus on the good things in your life rather than on what's missing or what's bad - once you start to focus on good things, the more you'll realise that those things have been there all along but you've not been seeing them.



It's been my experience that candle magick works quite well, however, there are some caveats involved in it, some of which have already been mentioned.

The candles are just the vehicle of the spell. It's the energy manipulation that you do in conjunction with the candle that really does the trick.

It's rare that a spell will work if you don't put any kind of mundane action behind it, so you still have to work for what you want in a mundane sense as well. The spell generally just gives it an extra push to help you along the way.

If the spell you are doing is not in line with what the universe has to offer you at a particular point in time it probably won't work. For example:

If you're looking to bring love into your life and you are not happy within yourself and are a dysfunctional person it is going to bring you a relationship that is dysfunctional (or none at all).

If you are doing a love spell, you should be doing it to bring the person most right for you at that time into your life, leaving the choice of who that might be up to the universe. The universe/god(s)/goddess(es)/God are generally much better at finding someone right for you than we mere mortals.

Also, doing a spell to make someone in particular fall in love with you will not only impinge upon their right to their own free will, but even if they do truly love you despite the spell you will never know that. You will be forever (ie the duration of the relationship and possibly long after) be wondering if they loved you or if they were just acting upon a spell that sought to manipulate their free will.

Many years ago I enjoyed making candles with herbs in them and empowering them for a specific purpose. However, when I sold these candles they always came with an explanation and possibly some minor training in how to use the candles so that nobody left with one thinking that all they had to do for it to work was to put flame to wick.

I actually got great feedback from these candles, but that was because the people who used them successfully were instructed how to use them by adding their energy and more specific intent (than the general intent I had empowered them with) to the candles before using them.

As I'm sure you realize by now there is much more to real and successful magick than simply burning a candle of an appropriate color and mindlessly chanting some words over them. ;)


But none of this is any substitute for learning to care about yourself, to love and enjoy who you ARE.