Spirit Guide Group: Dreams, Volume Three


Also, if it's alright, Could anyone tell me how to discover the name of my spirit guide? Can this be done with a talking-board and pendulum?

I''l have to pick this back up in the morning, because it's late here. In which case, if you respond, and I don't answer right back, I'll quote you, and give feedback from there *yawniiiinng*...k?

Thanks in advance (again...;) )!




I'm not sure I can give you an adequate answer about your dream experience. It doesn't sound like a normal dream does it? It is clearly very personal to you and if it were me, I would be making detailed notes, researching everything and looking at the experience from both a dream perspective and that of an OBE (out of body experience).

With regard to the name of your guide. Ask! Sometimes connecting via meditation and asking will reveal the name, if your guide has one. Names seem to be way more important to us than to them. If we are all one, we no longer need the separation of individual names, however, most of us here are able to reference things better if we can ascribe names.

You may get a name right away or you may have to wait months or even years. Don't get disheartened if your guide isn't interested in names - its just the way it is sometimes.


Coolness Milfoil, Thanks!

Thank you for the feedback, Milfoil! :D I certainly didn't think it was a normal dream either! One of my first impressions upon looking back on the whole thing, was that it might have been an OBE...Astral Travel/Projection...but not a normal run-of-the-mill dream.

I have had some really strange things happen in my sleep that I am not sure I can post here. I 've explained these things to my doctors, and they cannot figure out what is causing these episodes! Creepy stuff!

Do you mind if I PM you with the details? I would like to figure this out. I just don'e want to post something that may not go in this thread.

Thank You for your help (and in advance... ;) ),



Of course I don't mind - fire away and I'll help if I can. :)