Spirit Guide Group: Dreams, Volume Three

psychic sue

Thanks David, yes I feel you are right about being more grounded. I almost feel as though they don't want to give me too much too soon. I feel it would overload me. I also feel this is why Lightning Tree is keeping schtum! I have already started doing work on the root to try and correct this imbalance.


Sue x


Milfoil said:
The alter was inside a dark wood, highy ornate enclosure with big, turned pillars at each corner (possibly more along the sides??) with a set of very narrow stairs on the right which takes you up to the upper altar/level. I think the exterior was of stone or dashed and was light in colour. Funny because the outside looks quite modern (1970's style) but the interior is clearly very old and traditional. The floor is either marble tiles or slate paving. A few feet behind this altar area is the sliding/folding wall (again very 1970s). Hubby - he had gone in at the front entrance, I think he was helping with the ceremony (usher or something similar).
I wonder if the building is saying that no matter how spiritual ideas may be presented at a particular place or in a particular style, the underlying truth is always the same - the heart of the divine is always the heart of the divine.

Milfoil said:
I see what you mean and I never saw the significance until you pointed it out. I left one on the coffee table so I guess at some point I'd better go back to get it! The objects were nothing like I have ever seen before and I doubt I could draw them well to do them justice. They were jewel like but complex, not a clock but similar. Each one was slightly different and the main (middle) one had what looked like tiny shelves of metal or tiers in it - very odd! The third one was a different shape to the other two (which were like 6" triangles of amber, flat at the back and rounded on the front. They were about an inch wide at the top tapering to a point at the bottom but the 3rd was slightly shorter and not triangular but sort of like a piece of turned wood (nobbly).
I see that you have the Gilded Tarot on your wishlist. I cannot help but think that the ornate mechanical objects have something in common with that deck. That deck is also on my wishlist and I don't have it yet either. However, all the card images are available here. I wonder if one of them might tie-in with your dream vision?

Milfoil said:
Most certainly and the fact that hubby was elsewhere confirms that I only seem to be able to mediate properly or connect in any way when he is not there. I can't live without him of course but at the moment he is a distraction and not a positive force on my spiritual path. Thats not to say that he is destructive in any way but that he simply doesn't understand or want to!
I am very fortunate that Lynn and I are able to give each other the space we need in our respective journeys. Having the luxury of our own private rooms now that the kids have left home helps greatly too! Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own should be mandatory reading for all married couples - LOL!

Milfoil said:
Thankyou again for your 'spot on' help with this. I have though about this a great deal over the past few days and I feel that this is a message to me about the nature of my path. It is an afirmation that I am on the right track but also a nudge to say not to let my past predjudices of the christian faith (in whatever form) colour the way I see all religion. I need to accept all faiths and not just those I am leaning towards now.
Yes, I have mixed feelings about the practice of Christianity also. But in my heart I know that all religions really have the same unitive core - even though their respective structures and dogmas often have the effect of actively opposing one's transformation towards it.

Milfoil said:
The priest/vicar in my dream was remarkably like the photo of the Bishop of the Docese of British Columbia on their home page only a little younger and without the beard! Just that sort of smile and similar face, I confess to being quite spooked when I saw that (was looking for a picture of the cathederal you told me of).
Isn't that interesting! He is Bishop James Cowan, one of the most enlightened leaders we've had in a long time. It is a most difficult job!

It is odd though, try as I might I could not see any photos of the cathedral online, apart from the organ loft. Christ Church Cathedral is a wonderful heritage building in Victoria that exudes spirituality. It is strange that its interior is so veiled in mystery. Even the one exterior still picture that is at the web site you found does not do the building justice - it actually shows the rear of the building. The front is extremely imposing, especially since it lines up at the head of the street that runs towards it, forming a T-junction so that it can be seen from all over the surrounding area. The movie on the home page does show the cathedral from the front: it is the only stone building in the sequence, right at the beginning. The room behind the glass wall is called the Chapel of New Jerusalem.

Milfoil said:
Thankyou (again) Sophie-David for all your time and help - you truly are a wonderful teacher and I really don't know what I would have done or where I would be right now if it weren't for the help from this and one other site.
I am very glad to have been of help Millie. I assure you that I get just as much out of this community as anyone else, it has been a real lifeline!

Deep Blessings - David

psychic sue

As if to reinforce the grounding message, I dreamed I was swimming with Hippopotumi (is that right?) last night. Here's what I found on the symbolism of the hippo:-

HIPPOPOTAMUS - emotional clearing. The hippopotamus, sacred in Egyptian and African traditions, is the second largest mammal on earth. Its name means "Water Horse," and it spends most of its day in water. This animal, very substantial in physical terms, can guide us in grounding ourselves so we can face and dissolve emotional issues (the power of water).


ohh lol. I thought my dreams were weird too!! lolol

psychic sue

I know! Actually, I was swimming with them, and I could feel the suction of their nostrils on my legs! It must be my age Mary!


Had several interesting dreams...

I dreamt Daniel was hosting a party, but nobody was coming. Yet, I could see all these cartoonish characters around him. (Simpsons like).

I don't know any Daniel... Later I heard from my lover that he has a collegue at work that is called Daniel and that is hosting a party... We always called him the conspiracy theorist, because that is what they talked about first, so the nickname stuck, and the real name was never revealed. This has me a bit upset, because apparently... I'm on "roaming"... I don't even know the person, and really, to get a premonition about that... *sigh*

The other was tonight, it was my first dream about a weird elevator that I wasn't afraid. (making progress here!). I dreamt that I was in an elevator that consisted of several squares, all reflecting to where in the shop and on which floor you would go.
I was very relaxed, and was going where I wanted, but because I had to be somewhere higher, I was doing a lottery or something. I won with the word "CAR" and got a book. Rather surprising, it was a Dutch one, I can't remember the title or the author. I saw a bookstand with a book about nun's and an isolation chamber. (That looked more like a place to be alone, decorated very prettily, not a hospital isolation chamber).
I was also helping another person to get to the first floor, because she was afraid of elevator. She had to go to the first floor, and I saw that the red wiring was rather wrong. Some of the strands had let go, and I was thinking on how to fix it, and starting the work when I woke up.

I really see the first floor as First Chakra problems. I'm in need some re-wiring I think ;) I'm happy that I'm no longer afraid of the strange elevators. This time it didn't contract or grew or moved strangely. Just squares to stand in to go to First Floor, F Part etc.


psychic sue

I'm glad you seem to be making progress Khalie - your elevators seem like my UFO's - once I faced them, they started to recede - in fact I haven't seen them for a while now.

Keep up the good work!


Sue x


Dream or What?

Let’s hope this is in the right thread.

It was evening time. While I was on the bus I kept dozing off due to the giddiness. Sitting right in front of me is a Muslim couple in their 60s. As the space between the seats is very limited, hence my knee would have to rest on the back of his seat. Upon contact I felt ‘heat’ coming from the seat. (Or exact, the Muslim guy)

Gradually I sank in slumber due to the giddiness and started having a weird dream.

In the dream I saw myself as a preacher and the Muslim guy in front of me listening. I said, ‘if you’d follow me, get off the bus at the next stop.’

At this point of time, I was partially awake, finding the entire dream cranky and simply ignored it as nonsense. (Still feeling very drowsy)

Then as the bus is about to make the turn to the next stop that I will get off at, I saw the wife took her handbag as she readied herself to get off.

I was shocked, holding on to the possibility that it might not happen…

It did.

They got off.

- - -

I’m just wondering why do I keep getting dreams that just can’t stay still and simply be dreams and nothing more?


Hi NeXoRiouS

It does sound like you had a premonition in your dream. It would seem that your psychic abilities are wakening and this can be upsetting at first.



Hmm… it does sound like a premonition but I forgot to add something. All the way from morning till I got off work, I had been reading about Judaism. So my mind is practically bogged down by all the stories and mystics and nonetheless doubts.

So could what I dreamt be an image of what I’m thinking in the day? Chinese has a saying, ‘What you think in the day will be what you will dream in the night’