Spirit Guide Group: Encounters, Volume Two


This thread forms the second volume of posts for those interested in discussing meetings with spirit guides which occur while one is fully awake - as opposed to during a dream or meditation. Volume One is located here.

psychic sue

Hello all - thanks to David for starting this new thread.

I was watching the new last night, and the story about Hurricane Rita. I think somewhere (not sure which thread) I had picked up on Florida. It's a bit of a tenuous link, to say the least, but I wonder if I was just tuning in to the vibrations of Rita.

psychic sue

I am constantly freaked out nowadays! Remember I told you about the crystals/stones I bought to meditate with? I also bought 2 turquiose bracelets, one for me and one for my niece. She loves us to have "the same" things! So anyway, I was wearing it yesterday, but took it off for bed.

As I drifted off to sleep I heard a voice say "four and six" - not 46 but two distinct numbers. I googled around a bit on this, this morning, and look where "spiritual meaning of 4 and 6" took me:-


Perhaps I should wear the bracelet to bed tonight!

Sue x
Heaven and Hell are conditions, not locations.


Wow! This was quite wonderful! And I needed a bit of inspiration this morning. I was fascinated to see the connection of turquoise with Sagittarius
and the Heart Chakra too.

psychic sue

I had an aural message again yesterday - one word -


I google ang got this.


I know nothing about particle physics. I watched a programme about black holes last week which was interesting, but I am sure neutrino's were not mentioned.

BTW have you read the latest buzz amongst the scientific community on the big bang? Many people are disputing the theory now. I expect we may look back and laugh at these theories, just like we do now when we think about the earth being considered flat at one time!

Sue x

psychic sue

The stones are calling me this week - I spotted a white fluorite bracelet yesterday for only £1 so I bought it - a voice told me "wear it to work".

I just googled Fluorite - take a look:


Considering the problems I have been having at work lately, this really is the right stone to wear when I go back on Monday!

My intuition is in overdrive at the moment! Learning to go with it and trust it can be hard though - but since my "John Lennon" experience, I am not going to go against it again!

Sue x

psychic sue

I know I keep rambling on about Crete, but I was looking at a site about the Palace of Knossos, and I thought I'd have a look at the Throne Room (being the throne of King Minos). I remember when I visited the Throne Room, it was the beginnings of my weird feelings. Anyway here is what I googled on it:-


Remember when I kept seeing Griffins? And of course, my name, in Hebrew, means Lily.

psychic sue

OK I may be going a bit mental here. I was drifting off into my meditation last night when I heard "Hello!" in a really friendly, upbeat man's voice.

About 5 minutes later I heard "Sue?" in a questioning woman's voice.

The I heard something about cul-de-sacs (dead end roads). It went something like:

"Life is littered with cul-de-sacs, but you will eventually make the right turn". In the voice (deep, authorative) that I usually associate with my Guide Lightening Tree.

psychic sue

Remember when I heard "Neutrino"? Look what I found when Googling Bast - maybe I heard Netjeru? Or is that too much of a stretch? Of course, I am not sure how this is pronounced anyway.



Catching Up...

I see that Netjeru means the "ancient Egyptian gods". I also like the quote in the neutrino reference, "...the most tiny quantity of reality ever imagined by a human being". There are several good books published in the last few years about how metaphysical high science has become, but I haven't read any yet. I wonder if I need to take a year off just to catch up on my reading? ;) In any event, perhaps there's more in common between those two words than might first appear.

Interesting about the lilies in the throne room - I don't believe people are named by accident at all! BTW, we have an easter lily that is currently in its second bloom - its full of white flowers right now. I just read somewhere that lily flowers have three petals, but in any event its not true of these, they have six, the number of the Lovers. The lily also has alchemical associations with entering the "whiteness" phase, and of course is strongly featured in the Magician card.