Spirit Guide Reading


Hi everyone,

I'm new here and have had a lot of fun the past few days reading through the forums. I've been learning so much :)

Today I encountered this post : http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=131097&page=1&pp=10 by KafkasGhost with a reading to access your spirit guide(s) and find out more about them.

I came to the thread because I was curious about how to get in touch with my guide in order to begin forming a more conscious relationship with it/them. This is a really new thing for me, so I was dubious about asking the tarot about such matters but I saw what everyone said about it it and I thought, "ah, well, it doesn't hurt to try!" I am so impressed with the results, I have to share them!

The spread is as follows:

..1.. How many spirit guides do I currently have?
For each one, do the following spread:


2 Tell me something about your personality.
3 Why are you with me (related; personal interest; "assigned")?
4 When is your presence the strongest (in what types of situations)?
5 Please tell me an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong.
6 What would you like me to know at the moment?

(NOTE: This is done with the Thoth Tarot)

I pulled the 3 of wands. So that's three spirit guides. I knew this before I even asked, somehow. Three has always been a strong number for me (I am a numerological three, to boot!) They are all incredibly potent and involved so it's really all I need. I felt their individual presence(s) throughout the reading so strongly, it took me by surprise. I'm really invigorated! What they were saying to me was so lucid. I have only just now been diving into doing full on meditations/readings with this deck in the past two months (it took me some time to get to know the cards) so it is really amazing to me to feel the cards speaking to me. I did not experience this with my past deck at all. Of course, I used my books for reference in guidance, but I was surprised at the immediacy and clarity of the messages.

Next, when I asked if any guides wished to speak with me I pulled the Devil initially... which confused me. It was almost like the cards were teasing me ("Don't tempt the devil!!") So then I just pulled another card and got the Ace Disks. OK. So one.

The first guide spoke:

2. 7 cups (Debauch)
This guide is prone to extreme and excess and dwells too long where it once found enjoyment... outlasts its welcome.

3. Queen of Wands
I took this dichotomy of wands/cups (and the queen being water/fire) to be that the guide's job was to help temper my extremes. At times to restore vitality, at other times to throw water at my temper. I feel that this Queen very much represents my personality at its best and worst. Moments when I am a self indulgent emotional tyrant... Quick to anger and take offense and dwell too long in upset. And the other side of it which is an extremely passionate person, understanding, a good friend, a strong woman.

4. Ace Wands
This guides presence is strongest when I am spiritually connected and passionate. When I have a goal in mind, this guide helps me achieve it.

5. 6 Cups (Pleasure)
I associated this card with an era of my life around 2004-2005 when I felt fulfilled and happy. I traveled a lot, I was very creative, I met a defining love, I was... very passionate about living! I had a lust for life.

6. Death
I am on the verge of relocating, taking a huge trip, and basically....... moving into a totally brand new phase of my life which has not taken any form yet. I don't even know where I'm going to move to for sure. Yeah, it's like that. Scary!

This guide wishes to tell me that it is time for a change and that I shouldn't be afraid of it. Death is a process I must endure in order to return to my place of pleasure and fulfillment... I need to trust myself to be lead away from dwelling in the past into a happy and light future. This guide will be with me to help me move through the transformation if I am open to him.

I sensed that this guide was male and someone who didn't want me to make the same mistakes he did.

So then, I decided to ask the remaining guides if they would speak with me and I pulled...
7 disks Failure
VIII Adjustment

This is Saturn in Taurus (which is sun sign card) and Saturn in Libra (which my moon sign card). This guide spoke to me mostly through astrology... I have a pretty heavy Saturn influence on my chart (and my current life). I live on a Saturn line right now and I am also Saturn Ascending with Sat op. my sun (though not directly), also, Saturn is to come in conjunction with my natal moon as it transits through Libra later this year. I wondered if this had something to do with relationships because of Libra/Venus influence of these cards... but it turns out to be a more internally focused relationship with myself.

So I drew more cards, assuming that this guide was presenting itself to be spoken with.

2. 10 wands -- Oppression ... Saturn in Sagitarrius
This is my rising aspect! I was like... Wow. WTF. I knew that this guide represented what oppresses me. She is what I fear, what holds me back, my reservations... She's Saturn. Down to her apparent disposition. I felt she was an old soul but actually very young like a child. She was like Sailor Saturn, actually... heh. If you ever watched Sailor Moon.

3. 2 Disks (Jupiter in Capricorn) -- Change
This guide has come to me to help me initiate change and create balance/harmony in my life. Though it is different than the kind spoken of before. The other balance is more in relation to my dealings with my outer experience of life, but this "change" is very much an internal battle that I have. Saturn comes to help me change my world into a more peaceful place... I know from experience that if I don't abide, I am crushed by the pressure. I fall too far into the earth. I get the sense, too, that this "change" initiated in myself can also be turned outward... but not until I make sense of it within myself.

4. 8 Cups -- Indolence (Saturn in Pisces)
This guide is most present in my heavy moods. I saw it as times when I am stuck under self criticism/loathing... Especially when I regret that I was not assertive enough or forward enough. Too often I miss opportunities or don't act because I'm overly cautious about being a bother to other people. This is Saturn influence through and through. I need to stand up for myself and build more self confidence.

5. 4 Swords -- Truce (Jupiter in Libra)
I could not think of a specific event that this pertained to... only that perhaps the guide is most present when I'm engaged in exercise/meditation (I teach martial arts) It with "change" counterbalances Saturn's influence with Jupiter influence. It seems this guide is encouraging me to spend more time alone and make peace with myself... learn to accept and deal with Saturn's influence through having self confidence and presence of mind. This will allow for a more balanced life. Training and meditation, in particular, are ways to achieve self confidence and balance.

6. Prince Cups (Libra--Scorpio)
The Prince in my other deck (motherpeace) is also seated and meditating... so I thought of this as an addendum to Truce. I also thought the Zodiacal influence was important here. I know a few cuspers and they are all incredibly intense people and they are NOT shy in the least. In fact, most of them are curiously aggressive and volatile. (My progressed moon is also passing through the 8th house as it has been for a while, so I am sure this is impacting the Scorpio influence in these readings.)

I felt that the guide is trying to draw the energy of the prince out of me. If I am more active and assertive I will be able to counterbalance the oppressive influences of my personality. Jupiter can help add lightness to the other end of my darkness. Putting Jupiter and Saturn into balance is an internal ordeal but necessary to harmonious living within myself and my deep relationships with others.

Lastly, I pulled a few cards to see what my last guide had to say. I got The Sun and the 6 of cups which is The Sun in Scorpio!!! The Prince of Disks also fell out while shuffling. He is Taurus, my Sun sign... and Scorpio as you know is Taurus natural polarity (I am very much drawn to these freaks!) All of the cards I pulled for this reading were Major Arcana... so intense and strong this one. Well, what else did I expect of The Sun!!!

2. The Devil (Capricorn)
So then he appears again! I knew that this guide was my will, pure and simple. He is joyful and kind of a joker. He is love and light. He wants to be connected, creative, and full of life! I loved his energy best.

3. The Hierophant (Taurus, Ruler Venus, Luna Exalted, Bearer of all the fixed signs of the Zodiac)
This guide is here to help me blend my whole self. Will, heart, intellect. He is here to help me initiate, create, and live life to the fullest... joyfully and with the fullest extent of my talents.

4. The Fool
He is most present when I am open and creative. He is warm and welcoming... When I am fearless, like a child, he comes to me easily and often inspires fun :)

5. The Priestess (The Moon)
His influence was most potent, again, during that time of my life 2004-2005 when I was incredibly creative. I also had an exact date: On Dec 29, 2004, my progressed moon came in exact conjunction with my progressed sun in Gemini. This "New Moon" was the start of a long, deeply impacting relationship, and a moment I remember as a time of great revelations and extreme creativity. The influences that came to me on that date still impact me and the decisions I make today.

6. Death (Scorpio)
Again! This guide, like the others, is encouraging my forward motion and spiritual, physical, emotional transformation. He says that I need to get the hell out of here, I know that, so stop worrying! Moving on is good and it's okay, too! He assures me that I will find what I need, I just have to be open, keep creating and GO!

So intense! And certainly reassuring to know that these essences are with me while I struggle through life.. There is a great emphasis on balance and transformation. I'm very impressed :) And-- Glad to have gotten to know my spirit guides (if that is indeed what they are) a little better, too! :)

Vega Lyrah

I haven't gotten a reply on mine either, and I had a lot of questions! It's quite a bit of juicy material to go through. That was probably one of the best experiences in my life! I have 5 guides, all male. When I asked how many of them were male, I drew the 5 of Swords... which depicts a girl in the forefront with a man in the background watching over her. I got chills.... lol



Let me begin by saying I'm totally new to this but strongly believe in Spirit Guides and Angels. Now when I did the reading and asked the first questions: How many spirit guides to I currently have... I got the Judgement Card from the Gilded Tarot deck. So how should I read that? Thank you in advance.